5 Assamese web series setting the trend for new-age storytelling

Web series is the new favourite of the young generation. These stories have not only managed to strike the right chord with active users of the web, but also lives up as ground-breaking genre works. It surely took some time to break free from the monotonous affair of television content, but with the pandemic fast-tracking changes, the much-needed impetus for web series to grow was provided by an increasingly digital life. While Netflix and Amazon still dominate the scene, few regional OTT platforms have also become popular with their limited language scope. We have compiled a list of some trendsetting Assamese web series that are redefining content production, distribution and consumption in Assam and where to find them.

Tomar Opekhyat (Reeldrama)

Long before the concept of this Assamese web series matured, director Kenny D Basumatary had unsuccessfully tried his hands on offering new-age content in his Mirrors Unisex Salon. However, his efforts paid off with Tomar Opekhyat, a web series of seven episodes, which explores the intertwined love and luck story of four couples that carries the general vibe of a romantic comedy accompanied by the usual quirks of Basumatary’s writing. But it doesn’t limit itself to its feel-good premise and tells a refreshing and wholesome story that celebrates all kinds and forms of love. It offers a funny but sensitive and intimate take on coming of age and coming out issues and shines in its overall representation of social and personal identities. With actors like Kenny Basumatary, Munmi Phukan, Anupam Kaushik Bora, Lima Das, Gunjan Bhardwaj, Alishmita Goswami, Bonny Deori and Poonam Gurung, the songs are an added bonus.

Link: https://www.reeldrama.com/videos/tomar-opekhyat

Fisaa (Reeldrama)

A fast-paced investigative thriller, Fisaa is a devious maze of murder, mystery and conspiracy that revolves around a serial killer whose murder weapon is a ‘fish’. The series is led by Barsha Rani Bishaya as a young dynamic crime reporter and Prasenjit Bora as a crime branch officer who interestingly prefers his drink with fried ‘fish’. Fisaa balances its dark & violent themes with gritty storytelling and mythical subtext which makes this genre piece – a Paatal Lok set in Assam. Inspired by Bollywood trends, it is equally relevant for audiences of a state which is now the hotbed for crime and drugs. A perfect watch for fans of crime drama.

Link: https://www.reeldrama.com/videos/fissa-coming-soon

Illegal (Niri9)

Illegal stars Ravi Sharma with full might and fight as he plays a retired boxer who trains a young team of passionate boxers. Told in flashbacks, Illegal narrates the fateful event of one day that challenged the young team’s life and the heights their master can go to for avenging it. It is an intriguing thriller that finely delivers on the edge-of-the-seat experience as we go on a mission to uncover the deep dark truth about a place that is more than what it appears to be. With well-choreographed action sequences and a decent production value Illegal is the story of underdog triumph and rise of good over evil that people can easily connect to. Illegal stars Ravi Sarma, Ritisha Khaund, Arjun Baruah, Bibhuti Bhushan Choudhary,  Siddhartha Mukharjee, and Ranjeevlal Baruah among others.

Link to trailer only since it can be streamed only on the Niri9 Application:

YouTube video

Romeo in Jeng (Niri9)

Romeo in Jeng falls into the ‘cool kids in college flicks’ genre that is very much derivative of Netflix original movies. So, for viewers who enjoy campus movies that is less about actual life on campus and more about politics, bullying and hooliganism centred on a love story, Romeo in Jeng is the perfect fit for them. For others, not so much. This story of Nishi and Karishma doesn’t push the boundary for the genre but gives makers a head start and a conscience to build upon. For Cottonians, Romeo in Jeng will serve an added value of emotion. Watch it to find out.

Link to the trailer only since it can be streamed only on the Niri9 Application

YouTube video

Bhoi (YouTube)

Bhoi is a psychological horror short series where a young college boy, Arnab, is tormented by unseen forces in his new hostel life. Director duo Kishore Baruah and Pinkal Pratyush tackle a very pertinent subject with this loner and his lonely life problems. It is slightly frightening but underneath it approaches the subject with much humanity as we go deeper into the mind and personality of Arnab. Small but certainly a laudable effort to explore the potential of the genre.

YouTube video

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