The 10 stress-busting Assamese movies to stream this summer

With family get-togethers, travel plans, music festivals and movies being cancelled, the ideal stress buster this year is to sit back and enjoy a few entertaining movies. While there are several OTT platforms, Reeldrama brings you Assamese content to stream from the comfort of your home.

It has a wide library of Assamese movies right from Joubone Amoni Kore to Ratnakar, fulfilling a long-standing demand of Assamese moviegoers to explore more content from the comfort of their homes.

But the task isn’t an easy one to select the right light-hearted summer/rainy day watch. Therefore, we have come up with this list of 10 Assamese movies (in no particular order) which makes for a perfect family entertainer. The best thing about this list is that there are no spoilers ahead.

  • Ratnakar

The highest-grossing Assamese movie, Ratnakar might be a bit of a common places for an entertainer of this kind and scale, but it does not compromise on offering the guilty pleasures of an Assamese blockbuster. The movie tells the story of a father-daughter relationship in which actor Jatin Bora can go to any height to protect his daughter. Boasting of better cinematography and better action sequences, Ratnakar provides for everything that one can expect from a Jatin Bora entertainer. It also features an emotionally compelling love story which celebrates the Barasha Rani Bishaya and Jatin Bora duo in full strength.

  • Kokaideu Bindaas  

Kokaideu Bindaas is a fun ride of romance, bromance, family, future and everything in between. It is a blissfully silly movie where the chemistry between the leads, Gunjan Bhardwaj and Monuj Borkotoky, gives the shred of substance the movie deserves. A comedy where two brothers go on a road trip to discover life and face their challenges, Kokaideu Bindaas has the persuasive power to cater to the needs of people who do not own a critical eye. Of all those people seeking out some light-hearted fun time, it certainly won’t disappoint any.

  • Nijanor Gaan

Directed by Munna Ahmed of Joon Jole Kopalot fame, Nijanor Gaan depicts the journey of a struggling singer who soon after his rise to fame finds himself entangled in the web of life which includes his family and wife on one side and his passion and career on the other. The story of a common individual aspiring to achieve his dream is well captured in the emotions of the actors. Led by Jatin Bora and Amrita Gogoi, the good acting breathes life into the movie and makes Nijanor Gaan a deserving lazy noon watch.

  • Shakira Ahibo Bokul Tolor Bihuloi

Shakira Ahibo Bokul Tolor Bihuloi is a pleasant break from the usual movie plots of Assamese movies. The story about a small fictional village, Bokultol, it is about two rival youth clubs of the village, who are leaving no stone unturned to organize the best Rongali Bihu celebration in the village. It is a light-hearted satire, which gently unveils a mildly serious theme without spoiling on the fun mood of the movie. And like all stories of Himangshu Prasad Das, the film is also a comment on the Assamese society but with some humor and irony.

  • Suspended Inspector Boro

This cop comedy is very much in the vein of everything that Kenny D Basumatary makes. It is a wacky investigation drama which also doubles up as an action thriller where Boro is a rough and tough cop who is certainly not to be messed with. Suspended from duty, he is unofficially handed over the task of leading an investigation into the case of a missing girl which leads the story of the film. Suspended Inspector Boro provides for a mad cap journey with witty dialogues, rib-tickling humour and a fast-paced narrative that will impress fans of police procedural and comedy films alike.

  • Bornodi Bhotiai  

A layered take on the slice of life narrative, Bornodi Bhotiai combines magic realism and random quirkiness to convey the magic of storytelling. It is a celebration of the common lives of common people in Majuli, the stories that often gets sidelined in the culture specific views about the island. Telling the story of a young maiden through five local lads who are all equally in love with her, the movie is also a social satire with a reflection of dark comedy over it. For viewers, who like their coffee thick, this is the film to seek out.

  • Local Kung Fu 1 and Local Kung Fu 2

Offering an unusual mix of martial arts and comedy, Local Kung Fu unequivocally conquered everyone’s heart and has become a cult phenomenon over the years. The adventures and misadventures of Charlie da needs no new introduction. On the other hand, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors, Local Kung Fu 2 is about two pairs of twins, who get separated at birth and the confusion that follows when they cross each other’s path. An amusing journey of fun, fight and punch lines, both the films can be enjoyed by the whole family together.

  • Dur

For the people enjoying a late summer evening romantic talk, Dur is just the kind of movie. It is the story of love, relationships, self-realizations and second chances of a young couple where the return of an abusive past partner creates challenges for their present. The film rides on its sweet charming nature and cinematic tones of romance more than its watt pad storyline but will satisfy fans of this genre. And Amrita Gogoi is absolutely adorable in this.

  • Gaane Ki Aane

A popular singer helps his newly married wife to find fame as alcoholism, pride and abuse ends up threatening his own career. Gaane Ki Aane broadly modernizes the simple familiarity of the plot and spices it up with Zubeen Garg’s rage and an open-hearted and enduring Parineeta Borthakur. Casual movie viewers with a mood for melodrama, this is for you.

  • Ahetuk

Ahetuk is a romantic thriller film featuring Gunjan Bhardwaj and Amrita Gogoi as two investigative journalists, who embarks on a covert mission to uncover the deep secrets of the powerful. It is an interesting attempt at a genre that Assamese movies seldom tackle and offers for a good suspenseful ride into the trenches of the corrupt. It plays the genre tropes up to its advantage to talk about corporate greed and misdeeds of the government officials with a blooming love story that provides for the relaxing song and dance sequences in between.

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