The South Korean boy band BTS has always given a reason for its ‘ARMY’ to celebrate them on a daily. Jungkook from BTS has achieved a new milestone as he has been ranked No. 1 on YouTube’s top 100 worldwide searches for the first half of 2021, at an 877.78 search index. Fans of the Bangtan Boys, the BTS ARMY is shaking up Twitter by trending ‘GLOBAL ICON JUNGKOOK’, ‘#WorldwideITBoyJK’ and ‘#jungkook’.

There’s more to the celebration as there are six BTS members in the top 10 spot. BTS member V is in second place, Jimin on number four, while Suga is seventh, and Jin & RM at ninth and tenth places, respectively.

Here’s some of the best reactions to the K-Pop artist’s achievement on Twitter:

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  1. I don’t know them, I need to search their names in YT now XD I only know that BTS is going to collaborate with Ed.

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