The gaming industry has grown exponentially over the past few years, thanks to the availability and affordability of high-speed internet connections. Looking to make the most of these favourable factors, gaming companies started introducing traditional card games like rummy, teen patti, solitaire and poker in the online arena. Given the already high popularity of these card games and the feeling of nostalgia associated with them, it took these games little to no time to take over the gaming market.

A huge number of Indians play card games like the solitaire game online every day. Solitaire in particular has emerged as an entertaining and exciting online game over the past few years. You can play the online version of this classic game with some of the most skilled players from across the country and win real cash and other exciting prizes on a mobile gaming app like Solitaire Gold.

While it was traditionally a single-player game, Solitaire Gold has introduced a multiplayer mode that allows you to connect with skilled solitaire players from across the country and beat them in the game by utilising your analytical abilities and card gaming skills.

Online Solitaire Games: Fun to Play, Exciting to Win

Solitaire has a lot of variants, each of which is unique. However, the basics of the game remain the same across variants. The primary objective of the game is to release and play into position certain cards to build up foundation piles for each suit in the form of sequences from ace to king.

The ultimate objective is to move all cards onto the foundation piles. Once that is done, the game is won. It is essential to know that solitaire requires players to have analytical skills and knowledge of the game rules to win. Constant practice, persistence and patience are necessary for success in a game of solitaire.

All that you need to play the solitaire game online is a solitaire app on your smartphone and a stable internet connection. Online solitaire apps like Solitaire Gold take up minimum space on your smartphone and offer a seamless gaming experience even on a low-speed internet connection.

Solitaire Gold: Ultra-Modern Version of Solitaire

Solitaire Gold is an ultra-modern version of the classic game of solitaire. The app has been customised for both beginners and experts of solitaire. For new players, the app offers detailed tutorials and guides to help them understand how to play solitaire.

Solitaire Gold brings to you a variety of exciting contests such as head-to-head matches and leagues/tournaments. The app has vibrant graphics and intuitive game controls and provides seamless gameplay. Another exciting feature of the app is that you can play solitaire for real money and win big real cash prizes.

Salient Features of Solitaire Gold

Exciting Bonuses and Rewards: On registering on the Solitaire Gold app and making your first deposit, you get a guaranteed welcome bonus of up to ₹1500. That’s not all. You can invite your friends to play on the app and get up to ₹500 for every successful referral. Moreover, the app gives you exciting offers, bonuses and rewards every day. You can use bonuses to play cash games on the app and win attractive cash prizes, which you can withdraw to your account anytime.

24×7 Customer Support: Solitaire Gold has a dedicated customer support team that is available 24×7 to promptly resolve any inquiries or issues you may have. Every query is given special attention and replied to in the shortest time possible.

Quickest Withdrawals: Players can place withdrawal requests on Solitaire Gold with only a couple of clicks and enjoy the quickest withdrawals in the industry. Their winnings are transferred to their accounts at the earliest. The platform has multiple payment gateways for you to choose from for both cash deposit and withdrawal.

Fair Play and Security: Solitaire Gold is committed to providing you with a safe and fair gaming environment online. Cards on the platform are dealt with by the RNG (random number generator) program randomly without any human interference and all the participants in a game get the same cards.

To prevent any fraudulent activities, all player actions like deposits, KYC, etc. are monitored. The app makes use of advanced algorithms, AI and other foolproof security systems to ensure your account and money are safe and secure on the platform.


Online skill games like solitaire are a perfect opportunity for players to utilise their skills and expertise to win real cash prizes. Certified online gaming apps like Solitaire Gold offer real cash prizes to winners. Playing solitaire for real money is perfectly legal as it is a skill game and according to a Supreme Court decision, playing skill games for real money is legal and not gambling or betting.

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