Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan, country’s biggest romantic star, says the road to a woman’s heart is build with respect and more respect.

Khan on Wednesday conducted a Q&A session ”AskSRK” on Twitter for his fans, where his responses ranged from witty, sarcastic to heartfelt.

When a user asked him to share “tips” to impress women, by using the Hindi slang “patana”, Khan advised the fan to avoid using such words.

“Start with not using the word ‘Patana’ for a girl. Try with more respect and gentleness.”

The 55-year-old actor took on fan questions for over an hour on Twitter.

While some queries were about his upcoming films, many users opened up about their dilemmas, seeking actor’s advice.

When a fan asked the “Raees” star if it was okay to choose passion over stability, Khan said it was necessary to have a bit of both to be successful in life.

“Passion normally doesn’t guarantee payment so one has to find a mix. A lot of passion and a good amount of stability. Don’t make it an either or choice or mutually exclusive. Do a bit of both please,” the star wrote.

Responding to a 23-year-old user, who asked Khan if it was a problem to not have figured out what one wants to do professionally, the actor replied one should not put the burden of aging while following their dreams.

“Age is a number. Work hard and it will all happen well. I started in films at 26 if that helps. Just don’t waste your years that’s all,” he wrote.

Responding to another user, who asked what makes his wife, designer Gauri Khan, love him, Khan replied in his trademark wit, “That I cook and clean and look after the babies. And I guess being so handsome helps too.”

The session also included some of Khan’s fans, desperately trying to get his attention, from asking him the colour of his innerwear to quizzing him if he had bitter gourd because he was ignoring their questions.

“Will send you a video… Your inquisitiveness and yearning for learning is very touching,” the actor quipped when a user asked why possibly would the actor take so much time in the washroom.

When another fan complained that they should get a reply in return for tweeting relentlessly, watching his films, fighting with other fans and even making him trend, Khan joked that the user sounded more like a businessman.

“Oh so you are the businessman fan? Yeh kiya toh woh chahiye (We did this, so we want that)… Ok thanks,” he wrote.

He also made it clear that bitter gourd was not his favourite vegetable.

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