What is Fantasy Sports?

When you hear the word ‘Fantasy’, the first thing that would come to your mind is imagination and dreams that a person might have. This is actually true and it is somewhat similar to fantasy sports as well. It gives you a fair idea on the meaning of fantasy sports as well. Fantasy sports are currently seen in almost every type of sports that you might be aware of. It can be integrated in all types of games like baseball, football, cricket, basketball, rugby and more.

In fantasy sports, a person is allowed to be a part of the virtual game or virtual season of a particular sport. Players are allowed to be field managers or general managers of a team and engage in the formation of a team. With this, the player is in control of the game and can make a team that will eventually win.

When you follow a sport closely and are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of a player, it can be rather easy to make your own team in fantasy sports. On the other hand, if you are not very involved, fantasy sports have all types of information available that would help you make the right decisions on the type of players you should include in your team. The two most popular fantasy sports in countries like the US are fantasy baseball and fantasy football.

Fantasy Baseball

The first game that used to be a part of the fantasy sports category was fantasy baseball. It was ideal for this type of a game as there were several records present for referral and scorecards are also very detailed for the manager of the team to check out at any given point of time. Baseball also originated in the form of a board game which gave the makers the idea of making a virtual fantasy baseball game for millions of fans across the globe.

With the increasing popularity of fantasy sports, more and more articles have begun to be published about teams, statistics, players etc. It has also given a rise to information on team management strategies which ultimately made fantasy sports very realistic and popular among the masses. Fantasy sports players are more equipped now to give information on the players and the teams that are most likely to win in the long run.

Fantasy Football

Football is one of the most popular sports. It is even known as the sport with the maximum amount of betting being done on. Fantasy football was established in 1962 when a few friends gathered to enjoy football and created a team of their own. The team members got fantasy franchises and teams that they used to play against each other virtually. The performance was based on the real-life performance of players in different teams but the members of this fantasy franchise got an opportunity to create teams and have fun with the sport that they love the most.

As the popularity of fantasy sports and football has risen, a lot of people have begun involvement in these sports and created teams on different platforms and levels as well. Player selections and management are just the beginning of the fantasy sport. Trades are made between managers and sometimes the nationality of the players does not matter in the creation of the perfect team.

There are many variations of fantasy football and other sports that are known. Fantasy teams tend to play majorly during the real-life season so the thrill of the sport can be enjoyed in both virtual and real life. With this, a number of fantasy teams have also been created in other sports like racing, basketball, ice hockey, golf and more. But the baseball and football fantasy sports are the most popular.

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This sport has become a major business and the industry is growing exponentially over the years. The revenue is estimated to be around $1 billion which is huge when compared to real-life sports as well. Fantasy games are now being hosted by the major sports and news channels as well. Every sports based channel wants to be a part of the best and the live sports betting apps in India and abroad.

Apart from this, there are also special websites that allow fantasy team creation for low level players. There are not only paid versions but also free versions to allow players to enjoy the idea of their own team. The players are allowed to individually participate and get their teams to play with other players’ teams as well. This further has led to payouts to players even in the free versions and given them upgrades with in-app purchase options. This is the very reason for the expansion of fantasy sports games and the high involvement of players from different parts of the world.

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