Everything You Need to Know About the ISL 2023-2024 Season
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The Indian Super League continues to amaze with the 2023-2024 season. So far, the season has been an incredible display of sportsmanship, excitement, and love of the game. This article details everything you need to know going forward so that you can enjoy the rest of the season as a well-informed spectator.

Who Will Win?

The question on everyone’s minds is always: who will win? This season, most analysts are in agreement that Mumbai City FC will once again secure the victory. The team is currently in fourth place, but the competition is close: Mumbai City is only one point behind third place and two points behind second and first.

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Teams to Watch

Several teams have caught the public’s attention this season. Here are a few:

1. Goa

Of course, everyone currently has their eye on the team in first place: Goa. Goa has secured comfortable wins against Odisha and Chennaiyin. Out of their last five games played, the team has won four and drawn one.

While Mumbai City FC is still in many people’s number one spot for the season win, Goa is proving to be a formidable opponent.

2. Mumbai City

The season’s predicted winner has been playing incredible football. Mumbai City won last year’s season and set a record by staying unbeaten in the first 18 games. 

With exciting clips and stunning matches, Mumbai City remains one of the league’s favourite teams to watch.

Players to Watch

Here are the players to keep an eye on as the season continues:

1. Parthib Gogoi

Gogoi is a young player that has been on the rise in football in recent years. Before the season, Gogoi stated that he is confident in the season and his abilities. He suffered from an injury in the off-season, but has healed well. His talent is evident in every match, and so far, he has scored three goals in the 2023-2024 season.

2. Jorge Pereyra Díaz

Díaz plays as a striker for Mumbai City. It is his second year playing with the club. He has scored the most goals in this season so far with five! His skill has attracted worldwide attention, and he remains a top player to watch.

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3. Cy Goddard

Goddard is a new addition to the Odisha team and has proven himself with impressive skills so far in the season. He spent five years at Tottenham Hotspur Academy and has scored goals in many leagues. 

Most Anticipated Match

An anticipated match is scheduled for December 12: Goa, the current number one team, against Mumbai City, the season’s predicted winners. Both teams have consistently played at an impressive calibre, so this is a can’t-miss match!


The Indian Super League is just heating up. Now, you can enjoy the remaining matches knowing what teams and players you should pay the most attention to. The rest of the season promises to be just as exciting as the first half—you can’t miss it!

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