When to Engage in Sports Betting on Underdogs?

When we say the word underdogs in sports betting, the name constantly gives us some chills because you are talking about betting on a team that is least likely to win a match. Now, when a gambler starts his/her journey in sports betting, the ultimate goal is to predict the outcomes of the match based on the capabilities of the team players and make an estimation. But when the question of underdogs arises, it can be very difficult to decide whether to bet on their skills or not.

Underdogs are also applied to teams with the lowest implied probability in terms of home/away or as per the points table in a particular tournament. So, it can be really tough to make a choice and get down to putting money on a team that has actually not performed in a tournament very well or has a particularly bad history. But the point is, sometimes even the worst of the teams can win the first place and the winners of the last year tournament get to sit at the bottom. There are several factors that tend to have an impact on the performance of a team. It is extremely important for a gambler to make a decision and bet on underdogs but if that is done and the bet is won, there is no looking back.

How to Identify an Underdog?
With the analysis of the odds that are set by the sportsbooks, an underdog team can be easily identified. The perceived strengths and weaknesses of every team is analysed before they are given the title of a favourite or an underdog in betting. The following indicators can help you find out which team is the underdog:

  1. Positive Odds: Underdogs are shown with positive odds like +200 or +150. This indicates that if the underdogs win the match then the payout would be higher. This also means that the expectations are minimum.
  2. Point Spreads: In order to level the playing field in certain games like basketball and football, points spreads are typically used. The team with a high point spread is considered to be an underdog. This means that they need to outperform their potential in order to win.
  3. Performance: The current form of any team can be noted by the recent history of the team as a whole and the skills of the players who make the team. If a team has not been able to live up to the expectations and has been losing matches one after the other or the opponents of the team are much better than this team would be given the label of an underdog. If you tend to follow the complete tournament and see all the matches then you would be certainly aware of the underdogs without having the need to read up on the different teams.
  4. Strength and Weaknesses: when a gambler is able to compare the strengths and weaknesses of the different teams, he/she can also easily find the underdog. If there are any skills missing when compared to the other teams then you know you have found the underdog of the season.

Why Pick an Underdog?
When we discuss underdogs, it gives a message that these teams should not be bet upon. They are the least likely to win the match and any money bet on them can go in the drain at any time. So, it is actually not a difficult choice when most gamblers choose to bet on the winning side. Because let’s see it, the gamblers are all here to win so why would they pick an underdog team. But, the thrill of winning by betting on an underdog can be something out of this world. When every bettor is winning on another team but your belief resides with the underdogs then the win can give you a different kind of an adrenaline rush.

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Another major reason why bettors may bet on an underdog is for the simple reason that underdogs are sometimes undervalued by the sportsbooks. If you think that the chances of an underdog winning a particular match are higher than what you see with the bookmaker then you can actually take a chance and bet on the underdog.

Apart from this, it is found that betting on underdogs can give a much needed emotional boost. The win can enhance the regular excitement levels to the next step and the experience is very enjoyable. Most bettors go with their instincts. If you also have a strong instinct on an underdog then there is no reason why you should not bet on the team.

Lastly, as the underdogs are under the least amount of pressure, they sometimes tend to overperform and throw every sport lover off their game. The lack of pressure makes them even more excited as they get down to the field with “nothing to lose” mindset.

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