Why Sports Betting is Gaining Popularity in India?

Sports betting means that you must know everything about your favourite game and have the ability to make predictions on the outcomes of a particular match. It gives an adrenaline rush to fans when they are able to make the right predictions and see themselves win the match in their own way. That is the very reason why sports betting has become one of the favourite pastimes of the Indian people. As the popularity of sports is increasing, so is the craze for sports betting. It is not only about cricket betting in India, but also about betting in many other sports like football, hockey, etc.


As the internet accessibility of the population is increasing, they are also gaining awareness about online games and sports betting. Technology and affordable smartphones are certain other major causes of an increase in the number of players in the sports betting category. Traditionally, sports betting was only available to a few people who had the knowledge of the locations where the bookmakers could be found. However, with the availability of sports betting online, checking the odds and placing the bets has become far much easier. In fact, many individuals tend to use the websites on the go or while working in their respective offices. If you are confident about a win, you only need to check the ewallet by the end of the day. 

Ease of Access

With the advancement in the internet and technological growth, there are several sports betting apps in India that can also be downloaded and used at the comfort of a player. It is not essential that you have to visit a website to make your bets. Apps can be downloaded and the scores can be checked in real time as well. Betting is made as easy as social media platforms. The ease of access and their usability have made it one of the best time passes for the general population today. 

Love for Sports

In every country, you can find one sport that gains the maximum love and popularity. In India, you can see that love is bent towards cricket, hockey, kabaddi, football and wrestling to some extent. As Indians feel attached to the games, teams and the players, they have also started investing in the outcomes of the games. When an individual places a bet on a game, the excitement levels skyrocket. The anticipation of the winner also becomes high which paves way for further involvement in the games. There are several games that are promoting the idea of sports betting in the country. The love for tournaments like IPL, Cricket World Cup, PKL etc. is very high. This has further contributed to the positive outlook towards sports betting in the country. 

Potential to Earn Money

Sports betting in India offers a realistic mode of earning money. People belonging to different classes in the society tend to invest in sports betting with the conviction that their bet would bear them high profits. Although sports betting is not entirely legal in India, it is seen as a legitimate way to earn some money on the side. If the player wins the bet, it is definitely a big victory that can be used for better purposes. The added cash becomes the much needed bonus that the bettors love to collect. 

Cultural Changes

Earlier, the investment in gambling was often seen as a taboo. However, now the perspective of a lot of people has changed. With high accessibility to sports betting, it is not being seen as a form of entertainment primarily. Especially among the circles where sports is a total love, betting is actually something that everyone does. It is even seen as the perfect way to have fun and excitement. It is very acceptable and that is why it’s also a part of the cultural change that is identified. 

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To conclude, it can be noted that sports betting is gaining immense popularity in countries like India. There are several reasons that have contributed to the growth of sports betting and cricket betting. That is the primary reason that we see a number of advertisements and promotional offers by sports betting apps and websites in India. A lot of individuals tend to focus on their ability to make predictions and get their favourite teams and players to win. 

The amount of investment that people are making through the apps and websites is growing largely in the country every year. The sports betting industry is anticipated to grow by almost 10% between 2023-2027. The market value of the industry might reach close to USD 2.47 billion. This is a big amount which directly reflects the amount of popularity that the games are getting. Although the majority of the time the investment is seen as illegal it does not stop people from investing in it. 

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