Affiliate Marketing: What It Can Do & How To Join It
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As for now, affiliate marketing is gaining bigger and bigger rates, it reached about $8,2 billion in 2022, which is almost twice the 2015 record! So it’ll be helpful to know what it is and how to use it from the product’s or partner’s point of view.  

To begin with, what is affiliate marketing in a nutshell? That’s a promotional method on the Internet in which webmasters drive traffic to a business’s site for a fee. There are 4 parties in the scheme, and each stands to gain.

Now let’s reveal all the cards of affiliate marketing

How to join affiliate marketing

Wanna earn with an affiliate program? All you need to start — is your website, or social media, like youtube and/or telegram channel to place an ad there. 

Real example? You can join BlueChip Partners. Many bloggers mention they get the biggest commission and the fastest payout (every Monday).  

BlueChip is an iGaming website where hundreds of players won 100 lakh and made their dreams come. The secret power of BlueChip is innovation, fairness, and a strong affiliate team.

How to promote casino?

Well, of course, your audience has to be 18+. You contact an affiliate manager to get conditions for advertising. Post adv banner, your unique link, or tell about a promo to invite subscribers to register, etc. Completing that task brings you profit.  

How to earn with YouTube? 

Usually, it’s a direct adv in your video and a referral link in the description. Or unique promo codes. 

How to earn with Telegram?

Get the advertising task from the affiliate manager and create content to make your followers enjoy the product. You get money on the conditions agreed with the Advertiser.  

So jump in right away – start making your profits with the relevant model, and watch your income grow!

Affiliate marketing: how does it work

The scheme involves the distribution of ads and product creation responsibilities between the parties. Such cooperation boosts the marketing strategy’s effectiveness and brings profit to each link in the chain.

Affiliate Marketing Parties

There are four parties in Affiliate Marketing. Let’s look at them.

The Advertiser is the product creator 

It’s the company that has an offer. The Advertiser provides the object to promote, prepares the budget, and takes the risks of the affiliate work.
What the product creator gets: more customers, brand recognition, and sales profit.

Affiliate (Partner)

It is the person (or group) who draws the users to buy the product or order the service. For each goal achieved, money drops into the pocket.

Partner’s specific tasks are to

  • find products to promote;
  • learn the target audience;
  • analyze the product’s benefits for the TA;
  • study the competitors;
  • develop marketing materials; 
  • attract potential consumers;
  • optimize the advertising campaign;
  • expand the campaign.

What the partner gets: money from advertising someone else’s product or privileges for buying it, expansion of their own audience.

Customer, the Traffic Source

The visitor of a destination page. The audience is attracted to the offer with ads in socials, search engines, and native ads via Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Of course, “free” is only a word – that takes time and effort. But for an experienced specialist, it’s like a task with good profits.

What the customer gets: the product or service with all the information they need.

Affiliate Program

A marketplace for proposals and products that companies promote. The affiliate network connects the partners and the advertisers. It offers advantages like:

Access to thousands of offers and information about the promoting products;
Manager to deal with technical matters;
Faster cash flow.

What the affiliate network gets: profit (money from the seller minus payments to affiliates).

How do I make money from affiliate marketing? Who benefits from it?

Affiliate programs benefits literally EVERYONE — clients, the network itself, advertisers, and partners. Each gets some profits. 

How does the affiliate marketing partner earn money?

Partner acts like a salesperson – gets a commission or referral income (e.g. Revenue Share) for each purchase via an adv campaign.

How does the advertiser benefit?

Advertisers invest money to pay the Affiliate Program participants. They calculate the commission for attracting people. The seller saves the promotion budget, builds interest in the product, attracts new customers, and increases sales.

The most effective types of affiliate marketing

How does the advertiser see the effectiveness of the partner? Well, it’s up to the methods of payment for the partner’s services:

For clicks: contextual, banner, and teaser advertising. An ad is on the partner’s site, the users click it, and jump to a product resource. The advertiser knows WHO exactly invited and HOW MANY people.
For displays: Not that popular. Payment for every 1,000 views of ads. Good for brand distribution, but the traffic is poorly targeted.

For the committed action: The clearest for both, probably. The advertiser pays only for visitors who have reached a goal (e.g. placed an order, subscribed to a newsletter, etc.) 

That are not the only partnership models. Yet, for successful promotion and initial profit, they are enough.

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