Simulated Reality League: The Key Takeaways for Newcomers
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Online sports betting is becoming more and more trendy, so seeing passionate fans stake their hard-earned cash to support their favorite teams is not that uncommon a sight. Some experienced bettors can, with a bit of luck, experience a streak of favorable results betting on their favorite teams, making calculated and informed decisions all along the way.

One of the newest developments in this industry is called simulated reality league, which allows fans to view digitally simulated live cricket matches in a virtual reality environment, which means you don’t need to wait for the game to end to place a bet. At the same time, this also allows the bettors to forego having to wait for games even during off season where there are no events.

If this is your first time jumping into it, here are some key tips and strategies to be aware of as a newcomer.

What is SRL really?

Simulated reality league uses computer graphic technology to create immersive games based off real life scenarios and traditional cricket game rules. It feels like you are watching a real game as it uses algorithms to ensure accuracy comparable to live matches. When no matches are scheduled, this gives you something to do instead of having to slow down your betting momentum.

What are the Indian Premier League and Big Bash League SRL?

Indian Premier League SRL is a graphically generated version of the IPL matches. It is an innovative one of a kind digital concept that’s based on a years long track record of IPL data statistics. Big Bash SRL is similar, it’s just that instead of the Indian cricket matches it closely resembles the Australian Big Bash cricket league. This is also available in a pre-match format as well as a simulation of live games.

How does it all work?

The concept heavily relies on using advanced AI technology and machine learning to generate realistic matches based on team statistics. This makes the SRL tech a viable alternative to watching real-life games in a similar way to something like fantasy football, ensuring an all year stream of games and action to follow.

The matches aren’t entirely random as they follow certain algorithmic procedures to ensure a fairly reasonable result for informed fans. It is very simple to get started and you only need to register a simple account to begin making bets.

It might seem intimidating once you first start to get into it, but it plays astonishingly similar to the real IPL tournament in a T20 format, meaning there are 20 maximum overs per team, with the slight difference of real games taking up to three hours and SRL simulations taking only two hours. Other rules are pretty much the same as the IPL games and the program will decide the toss five minutes before the game begins.

The types of bets to make

As a bettor, you’re free to pick from a myriad of options such as:

  • Winner bet: the most traditional type of bet; simply bet on the team you believe is going to win the match. Of course, betting on the underdog will give you different odds than if you were to bet on the match favorite.
  • Total runs by players: with this type of bet, you’re focusing on a specific player rather than an entire team.
  • Tied match: can’t pick a winner? Then place a bet on the tie!

As with any other sports discipline, if you have knowledge or past experience to draw upon, this will help you improve the accuracy of your bets.


Overall, consider exploring the simulated reality league if you are really into the world of cricket betting, as waiting for the season to begin each year can be a drag and this can provide a distraction in the meantime. Thankfully, we have advanced technology like SRL to fill the void and then some!

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