How To Win Real Money With A No Deposit Bonus?
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Surely, you have heard such a term as “no deposit bonuses” while browsing online casinos. But do you know what it means? If not, then this article will give you a wide explanation. Of course, you can conclude that “no deposit bonus” means a bonus without any deposit obligation. That’s true, but not enough if you want to know the ins and outs of no deposit bonuses.

No deposit bonuses are usually aimed at new players to encourage them to play first without having to think about depositing money. Of course, this bonus is free because the player has no obligation to transfer a certain amount of funds. Many people mistake a no deposit bonus for a welcome bonus. The two have quite a significant difference as the welcome bonus always requires an initial deposit. However, these days it is increasingly rare for casinos to require a large initial deposit.

How to Claim the No Deposit Bonus?

First and foremost, you have to register a new account at the casino and meet several conditions such as age, your status as a new player, country of residence, and others. One thing is for sure, depositing a certain amount of funds is not included in these conditions. Once you have met all the points, you can claim a free no deposit bonus. In essence, you can withdraw the real money which you will earn from playing free casino games with no deposit bonus codes

Some no deposit bonuses come with a code which is a benchmark for each player to be able to “cash out” these bonuses, no more than that! Sure, not all online casinos set a bonus code for their no deposit bonuses. Some feel it’s necessary to attract more people and others don’t think it’s really necessary. 

How to Use No Deposit Bonuses to Win Real Money?

It was discussed above that you can claim the real money you get from playing with free no deposit bonuses. Once you win a certain casino game and meet the predefined conditions, you can claim your real money winnings. As simple as that.

Some of the general conditions to understand on how you can make real money from a no deposit bonus:


Most no deposit bonuses are time-limited. Usually, it will expire after 7 days. So, you can claim your real money winnings if you don’t exceed the time limit.

Betting terms

This usually refers to how big your win is when compared to your no deposit bonus. For example, the wagering requirement is 5x while your no deposit bonus is $50. That means you have to win at least $250 before you can claim it.

Games that can be played

Not all games accommodate the no deposit bonus rules. So you can’t expect you to be able to use your no deposit bonus to play unlimited games.

Maximum withdrawal

This is a rare thing, but sometimes it is regulated by some online casinos. This means that you have a maximum amount of money to withdraw (from the results you play with your deposit bonus).

What Games Can Be Played With a No Deposit Bonus?

Actually, almost all games can be played with a free no deposit bonus code. You can even find the best online slot machines with no deposit bonuses to win real money. But as noted above, some games cannot be played with a no deposit bonus – two of them are blackjack and poker.

What Are the Little-Known Facts?

In many casinos, you must have an account with a certain deposit amount so that you are entitled to a no deposit bonus. Unfortunately, many beginners don’t know this.

The no-deposit bonus is usually used as a “fisherman” to get new players excited to play new games. The amount is often just a few cents, so if you expect too much from this type of bonus to get a lot of money, you will probably be disappointed.

However, the no deposit casino bonus is very useful for you and all other new players to explore different types of games without having to worry about you losing large sums of money. Playing online casino games for free is always an attractive option.


This type of online casino bonus is tied to certain conditions and requirements. You may not expect too much from an online casino with no deposit bonus, because most of these types of bonuses are only worth a few cents or dollars. Although, most games can be played with a no deposit bonus, certain games cannot be played without making an initial deposit. But still, the no deposit bonus requires absolutely no deposit to play online casino games and is a great bonus to use.

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