Casinos are among the safest places in the world. That makes sense when you consider that there is more cash here than anywhere else. Of course, this must be protected. But surprisingly, there are always criminals who don’t mind this extra challenge. Robberies in the casino are therefore often spectacular and make history. It’s not for nothing that films like Ocean’s 11 have become so popular – something about the absurdity and fearlessness of these predators fascinates mankind. And rightly so. Today you will get an overview of the most extraordinary heists in casinos without Gamstop! Have fun!

Since the innovations of scammers are limitless, they have also come to modern online casinos! Although these sites do not rely on physical cash and rely on highly advanced security techniques, there are plenty of non-GamStop casinos that have already reported being scammed. Sometimes, scammers aim to exploit technical errors in games to replicate winnings. Other times, fraudsters have sought to exploit loopholes in jackpot games to increase their chances of winning without paying for their bets.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the most notable casino heists of all time.

#1: California, 1970 – Burning Soles

The audacity of this heist is what makes it so spectacular, though certainly not its prey. The robbers took nothing at all. But the precise planning was impressive. In the 1970s, a group of students at the University of California developed a mini-computer that was quite something.

This should be able to analyze and calculate the movements of the roulette wheels. Unfortunately, the technology was not on the side of the students: a malfunction caused a short circuit, which resulted in electric shocks for the culprits. So you got nothing, except for burning socks. But one thing is certain: the prominent place in criminal history.

#2: Las Vegas, 1992 – $500,000 After Hours Pay

An employee of the “Star Dust” casino in Las Vegas caused a stir when he “quited notice”. For years, Bill Brennan had worked as a cashier at the casino, when at some point he apparently had had enough. He made off with $500,000 in chips and cash.

It is said that he said goodbye to his colleagues that evening, just as he did every day. To date, he has not been caught and is therefore on the list of the most wanted criminals in the USA. However, there are also rumours that he was killed by his accomplice. A film-ready story anyway!

#3: Las Vegas, 2010 – The Biker Bandit

Anthony Carleo robbed two Las Vegas casinos in late 2010. The “Biker Bandit” wore a motorcycle helmet the entire time to avoid being recognized by the casino cameras. In all, he stole $20,000 from the Suncoast Casino and $1.5 million from the Bellagio.

But he stole the latter in the form of special casino chips. Unfortunately for him, these came with tracking mechanisms, which meant they could only be redeemed at the casino. In an attempt to get rid of them and find buyers for them, Carleo was eventually arrested.

#4: London, 2004 – Modern on the Go

This casino robbery, which was carried out by three men, was completely non-violent. Strictly speaking, it wasn’t even a real “robbery”. Because the men used their technical knowledge to calculate the speed of the roulette wheels in London’s Ritz Casino using lasers on their mobile phones.

They raked in £1.3million in just one night. They were arrested as a result, but the court ruled that there was no criminal offence. Such lucky guys!

#5: Worldwide, 1990s – Multi-Million Trick

Now we come to one of the most spectacular casino robberies of all time – both in terms of money and overall dimensions. After all, this action dragged on for 14 years.

Some math geniuses from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology decided to perfect the art of blackjack card counting. Bill Kaplan, an MBA student at Harvard, was thought to be the leader of the group called the MIT Blackjack Team. Even after it was dissolved, there were many imitators of this technique.

#6: Perth, 2013 – Money over Friendship

The following raid in Perth, Australia, was not so long ago. Here, too, a genius was at the start who hoped to make big money with the help of computer technology. This time, however, it was not the gaming table itself that was to be hacked, but rather the monitoring system of the Crown Casino in Perth.

He manipulated the camera surveillance and was thus able to gain insight into the dealer’s game. An accomplice of the hacker played with a button in his ear based on his briefings. The two won a lot of money, but the player was arrested and his accomplice escaped – so no happy ending!

#7: Las Vegas, 1993 – Dangerous Romance

Another robbery that took place in Las Vegas! What is different this time, however, is that the main character in the heist is a woman. The truck driver Heather Tallchief transported large sums of money in her job.

One day, however, she decided not to take her shipment of a whopping $2.5 million to the casino and elope with the sum and her partner. After twelve days, however, she was arrested while her partner escaped with all the money. He left her a whopping $1,000 of loot – how nice!


Too good to be true – even if you think your next move is to rob a casino, you can see that most heists don’t end well. Casinos often have stricter security measures than banks and many other hurdles greatly reduce your chances of success. By the way – the same applies to online casinos. If you would rather play a round, check out the best non-GamStop casinos.

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