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What’s New on the Indian iGaming Market? 

To say that India is a fertile ground for the iGaming business would be a clear understatement; the real truth about this massive, super-populated country is that is heading, fast and secure, towards the top of the list of the largest iGaming markets in the whole world! Yes, Indians like their portions of online entertainment gigantic, and regular. To paint you a clear picture of what is going on in the land of diversity, we will explain, in steps, how gambling has become one of the top choices for relaxing amongst the Indians.

Super Mario Opened Doors of Virtual Entertainment

This little fella changed the lives of many teenagers out there, including the lives of Indian kids and teens. Overnight, this game became a worldwide sensation. It presented us with the virtual world of pure entertainment, and distracted many of us from playing hops in the dirt; Super Mario was a game-changer. Slowly, year by year, new games appeared, gluing us to our computers more and more. Then, another revolution happened- mobile devices. Long story short, one technical wonder after another, and before we even knew it- we got new best friends for life- smartphones. India was no different than the rest of the world; addicted to gadgets and the fun stuff they can provide. At this very moment, this country counts around 400 million active gamers, of which 85% play games on their phones, exclusively. What a number!

Why is Gambling so Popular in India?

An interesting fact regarding the Indian iGaming market – technically, gambling is forbidden in the majority of the country. Some states did give a green light to gambling, specifically Sikkim, Daman, and Goa, but the rest of the land is still trying to find a solution for typical complications following the approval of online gambling such as corruption, money laundering, and similar issues. But, wanting to present you the real picture of gambling in India, we will not rely on the laws and statutes, but on facts. First of all, this is one of the most populated counties in the world – this is one of the top reasons why India is on a great path to becoming the world’s iGaming leader. Second, it is very well provided with modern gadgets- the majority of the adult population have the modern technical equipment and fast Internet connection which are necessary to play casino games online. And, lastly, players out there have amazing choices when it comes to casino content! The developing companies are extremely creative in India, and more often than not, they present to their customers unique, exclusive gaming, often inspired by traditional Indian games. With all said, we hope you get the picture of why the land of diversity is such a gem for the iGaming industry – masses of active gamblers+ great technical support+ engaging and fresh ideas… a premium package for investors.

The current situation

Since online betting is still considered a no-no, Indians are giving their best to find a way how to spend their free time doing what they like – trying out their luck. The solution is simpler than one may think- offshore casino gaming! As long as the online casinos are not operating inside the borders of this massive country- they are free to offer their entertaining platforms to Indians. This is definitely a ray of light for 400 million active players, which are still hoping that the government will understand their needs, and legalize gambling across the whole country. Their hopes, judging by the assumptions of experts, can soon turn into reality. The value of the Indian iGaming market is becoming bigger and bigger year by year. In 2020, the online gaming industry valued at 101 billion Indian rupees. 2022? 120 billion- a significant leap; these numbers may undoubtedly speed up the process of legalization.

Partnerships Fresh Out of the Oven

As we said, the gaming possibilities offered to Indian players are top-notch. How to beat the successful competition in the Indian market? By joining forces. This is a market that never sleeps, so lately, many interesting deals were made, for the joy of millions of active Indian gamblers. Let’s name a few:

One of the leading iGaming and esports companies, NODWIN Gaming, shook hands with video games developer Gameloft. Gameloft is focused on mobile gaming solutions.

Battlegrounds Mobile India and Krafton, a PUBG publisher, are working together on developing an innovative Solana blockchain – “the world’s most performant” system of secure, fast, and private payments. This partnership, if turns out successful, can bring Indian players the possibility to own their own crypto and NFTs, which will, surely, boost the excitement of gambling.

YGG India officially partnered up with FTX Gaming. With forces joined, they aim to work on developing a strong and reliable crypto-gaming platform and spreading the idea of Web3 gaming in India. 

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