March Madness is the name given to the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament and it is an accurate description of what typically takes place. This massive event is not only exciting, but it also provides plenty of exceptional betting opportunities. 

Betting on March Madness can be extremely profitable, but that doesn’t mean that every single bet is worth making. There are going to be some days or games when sitting out and refraining from making a bet is the best move you can make.

This article will discuss some of the March Madness bets to avoid, and it will be done in a general way. The hope is that you will be able to target the best betting opportunities and let the others pass right on by. 

Don’t Always Focus on Favorites

In case you are unaware as to why the NCAA Tournament is called March Madness, you will find out as soon as you take a look at the final scores. This is an event that is loaded with upsets, and that can have a big impact on the bracket and on your betting. 

There are going to be some heavy betting favorites in the NCAA Tournament, and there will be teams that you probably think simply can’t lose. That might be the case if this tournament was played in a series format, but anything can happen in one game. 

This doesn’t mean that you just want to go through and bet on the underdogs in every game, but it would be smart to at least take a close look before deciding what bets you want to make. 

Be Careful With a Future Bet

Before the games actually start, making a future bet is a popular way to go for some bettors. Future bets are actually a solid strategy, and it can lead to some serious money being made. 

The reason that you need to be careful with a future bet on the NCAA Tournament is the fact that the number one seeds don’t always win a title. Those top seeds are usually the teams with the best future odds, and you might have to take a closer look at the odds to find the eventual champion.

A great strategy to use when making a future bet on the NCAA Tournament is to use a smaller betting unit and back a team that might be considered an underdog or a longshot. The risk will be worth the reward if you use this strategy. 

Don’t Chase Losses

Another thing that you must avoid when betting on March Madness is chasing losses. This refers to your goal of trying to make up for a betting loss by immediately placing another wager that might be a bit risky.

You are going to suffer some losses when betting on March Madness, and you have to be willing to accept that. Bad days might be coming, and you won’t be able to get all of that money back quickly. 

Stay Away From Your Favorite Team(s)

If your favorite team was selected to play in the NCAA Tournament, you simply need to enjoy that run without looking to make money. It’s never a good idea to bet with your heart, and that is what you would be doing if you focused on games featuring your favorite team. 

Even if you believe you have done the appropriate amount of research to place a bet on the team you follow, this just isn’t a good move as you won’t ever be able to keep your heart out of it. 

Don’t Bet Without Doing Research

This section doesn’t actually focus on one specific betting option to stay away from but instead provides a tip that you should always keep in mind. You don’t ever want to place a bet on the NCAA Tournament without first doing the necessary research that is going to be required. 

You might think that simply watching the games will make you an expert on college basketball, but that just isn’t going to be the case at all. Following the action is a great way to start, but you are going to need to take a much deeper dive before you really feel comfortable enough to make a bet. 

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