The 2023 ICC Cricket World cup isn’t so far anymore, and the hopefuls are already preparing for what would be a glorious competition. The competition will be taking place in India, and Punters will want to know the stats and qualities of top teams before taking a stake at betting sites such as Dafabet India. Of course, there are already a lot of changes from the norm. Firstly, this is the first time India will be hosting the competition in its entirety, and the country’s men’s team will be savouring their chances as winners. 

The competition will last from October to November and is an early Christmas gift for cricket fans worldwide. That being said, here are all the top early betting odds facts of the 2023 competition and what fans should expect.

2023 Cricket World Cup Early Bet Facts

  • Bookmakers Favor India: Everywhere you look and see anything related to this forthcoming tournament, the first country that will be included as a favorite will always be India. Other country fans may claim it is because the country will be hosting the competition. However, after a deeper look into how the teams have been playing going into 2023, the India Cricket Men National team seems to have their stride and momentum growing. 

The country has already won the competition twice, and the present crop of players seem to be savouring their chances. There is confidence around them that actually makes them the best pick currently. Also, the home advantage plays an important role. Having hundreds of thousands of cricket lovers cheering and edging the home team will definitely provide that needed motivation. As far as India is concerned, the sky is the limit.

  • India Are Not The No 1 Ranked Team Currently: The Bookmakers favor India, no doubt, but as it stands, the country is not considered the best in the world currently. Australia, the biggest winners of the World Cup, claims the first spot, and it is hard to argue their position. History has shown that rankings do not give a full picture of team performance on the global stage, and this is no different. It is extremely hard to see any better challenge to India claiming the trophy than Australia.

After Australia, New Zealand claims the second position, leaving India at the third position. However, this does not dim India’s chances in the competition that is still more than a year away. The majority of bookmakers also seems to agree, and India looks determined to prove them right, so you shouldn’t depend on these rankings when betting.

Early Betting Odds As It Stands Based On Top Bookmakers: Almost all bookmakers you will find choose India as the top team to look out for. The other teams were so unanimously chosen, with bookmakers’ choices varying. Here are the early betting odds for the 2023 Cricket World Cup.

SOUTH AFRICA11.0010.00
SRI LANKA26.0019.00
WEST INDIES29.0015.00
HONG KONG1001.001001.00
OMAN  2001.001001.00
PAPUA NEW GUINEA3001.001001.00


If India wins the 2023 World Cup, then it clearly will not come as a surprise, except if the way they are currently playing changes. The national team looks determined and will definitely put up a fight against their challengers in the hope of bringing the trophy home. If you love to gamble and win, you can use the odds to guide what to expect in 2023.

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