Majuli Music Festival is a locals’ initiative to help Majuli gain the recognition it deserves – of being the World’s Biggest River Island. The festival uses music as a tool to invite tourists to indulge in Majuli’s cultural and scenic excellence and keeps sustainable tourism at the centre of driving the vision.

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In its second year, the music festival is scheduled to take place on 17th and 18th December 2021 in Majuli’s Jengraimukh locality. An overall footfall of over 10 thousand music lovers is expected here with some of the brilliant artists performing live. The day-wise artist lineup for Majuli music festival 2021 is as follows:

17th December

1. Majuli Sapori Collective (Inaugural Act by Local Artists)

2. Hrishi Singa from Manipur

3. Rajiv Khati Collective from Delhi

4. The Serenity Experiment from Assam

5. Atrangi Funkaar from Jaipur

6. Prottidhoni from Assam

7. Trance Effect from Nagaland

8. Gaulay Bhai from Bangalore

18th December

1. Souls of Majuli (Inaugural Act by Local Artists)

2. Colonial Friction

3. Miri The Band from Assam

4. Bottle Rockets India from Assam

5. Five Foot Devil from West Bengal

6. Dewdrops from Meghalaya

7. Rain in Sahara from Spain and India

8. DJ Cash from Assam

Apart from the festival in Majuli, organisers carry out several other sustainability, mental health awareness programs on the island including Farmers’ Festival and Youth exposure and training.

The festival is being held with hopes to unite the country and invite all to experience Majuli’s sustainable lifestyle, in a sustainable way.  

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    Kudos and keep up the good work on this website.

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