After a gap of a year, Nagaland is back to being one of the states with the highest unemployment rate in India. According to the Periodic Labour Force Survey conducted for 2019-20, the unemployment rate in Nagaland is 24.7%. Previously, in 2018-19, the unemployment rate of the state was 17.4%. In 2018-19. The unemployment rate in Nagaland saw an increase whereas the all-India unemployment rate dropped from 5.8% to 4.8% in 2019-20. The lowest unemployment rate in Northeastern states was that of Sikkim (2.2%) followed by Meghalaya (2.7%).

The reason behind high unemployment rate in Nagaland

Education ensures a good job and a good income via that job. Education is important in any state to improve its employment rate. Nagaland is a state that embraced the modern education system very late due to its isolation from the other states. Even though the literacy rate of the state is 79.5%, higher than the national average, the employment rate of the state is still low. The reason behind this lies in the fact that the labour market of Nagaland did not expand itself to the proportion of the increased education in the state. The high unemployment rate in the state is resulting in poverty and growing inequality. The same has been tried to be curbed by different governments of the Northeastern regions by organising Bodoland Lottery and Lottery Sambad for providing a source of income to the needy people. However, the government needs to do much more than that as seven out of ten youth of Nagaland are unemployed. Working on the same, G Krishna Reddy, Union Minister for Development of Northeastern Region, Culture and Tourism launched several developmental schemes in Nagaland.

Several development schemes are inaugurated in Nagaland

G Krishna Reddy during his three-day visit to Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland last month launched several developmental schemes in the state. In Kohima, Nagaland, the state soil testing laboratory was launched. The project will be funded by the Union Minister for Development of the Northeastern Region. The objective of the project is to support the farmers of Nagaland and further help them to produce profitable crops. The laboratory was inaugurated after citing that technological intervention is required to improve the agricultural sector of the region.

Also, the foundation stone for the Training Cum Examination Centre at Dimapur was laid by Reddy. An amount of INR 15.5 crore was also sanctioned for its fulfilment. The institution was started with the vision to benefit both the teachers and students and it is expected that it will serve as a role model for other Northeastern states. In addition to that, the construction and widening of NH-29 were also inaugurated during his stay.

SDG and Nagaland

Recently, the performance of different states of the country is measured for the Sustainable Development Goals by NITI Aayog. The report revealed that Nagaland stands at the 21st position in the SDG India 2021 index. The low ranking of the state indicates the high potential of the state to improve its ranking by working on different goals like gender equality and economic growth. It is expected that the recent inauguration of these developmental plans will help Nagaland to improve its ranking in the SDG India index by 2030.

Further, Anuradha Sharma, joint secretary of Union Ministry of Development of Northeastern Region while showing her worry said that there are plenty of pending projects in the state that need to be urgently completed to improve the present scenario of Nagaland. Projects which were started in 2007 are pending in addition to the projects which were launched in 2017 which is a great worry. While citing this problem she said that if the state government fails to meet the guidelines for completing the project, no new sanctions will be made available to these states.

While addressing the issue, Sharma also said that many ministries failed to even use 10% of the gross budgetary support and many projects of the Northeastern regions are not getting approval and the same issue needs to be raised. It is because the money which is required to develop the Northeastern region cannot be diverted to other states. Therefore, there is an urgent need to pursue the funds to ensure the development of Northeastern states.

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