Gambling is simply wagering your cash or a valuable item on an event with the hope that the event’s outcome will favour you and win something valuable. Gambling can be fun, especially when you register using

However, there are those moments when you are not lucky and end up losing your stake. In such cases, most gamblers try to recover their money by gambling even more. This cycle of winning, losing, and trying to recover your losses can lead to gambling addiction. In the long run, you may find yourself constantly going back to betting even after you lose.

Did you know that approximately 10 million people in the United States have an addiction problem to gambling? It is becoming a significant problem in society. If you are addicted to gambling, here are some valuable tips to help you control your negative gambling habit.

  • Understand the Issue

Fixing something you don’t know is not easy. To successfully control your gambling habit, you have to admit you are addicted to gambling. American Psychiatric Association says gambling could be classified as a mental health disorder similar to alcohol and drugs problem. Assess whether you have a gambling problem or ask someone close whether you exhibit behaviour that suggests you have a gambling problem.

  • Get a Support Group

You have established that you have a problem. It is time to seek help from a professional or a support group. These are groups run by people who had gambling issues in the past, and from here, you will find the motivation to control or quit gambling. These are very supporting groups, so look for one and join.

  • Plan ahead

Avoid boredom or instances where you are free for long periods. Ex-gamblers are thrilled by the lows and highs of gambling during their gambling time, which means that you might be tempted to gamble if you find some time in between your schedule. Plan your days well such that you do not have empty spaces and free time whereby you could think of betting. 

  • Look for that old hobby or get a new hobby.

Not many gamblers carry on with their hobbies once they are so much into gambling. After you decide to control your gambling habits, it is wise to rekindle those old hobbies to raise your self-esteem. 

Find a healthy activity that will be taking up most of your time to replace the addiction. You could also look for a new hobby, something interesting that you will find fun and engaging. This should divert your mind from the thoughts of betting.

  • Seek Professional Help

If you are still unable to do it on your own, you can consider getting professional help. Professional help could be what liberates you from repetitive gambling that could be causing you financial problems. Experienced therapists will show you ways that will help you easily stop thinking of gambling all the time. You will be given alternatives and pieces of advice to help you all the way. 

  • Know the self-sabotage triggers

There are those instances that will easily bring you back to gambling if you are not careful. Identify these self-sabotage triggers and devise ways to deal with them. Probably you feel the urge to gamble when drunk or upon visiting a bar. Avoid going to the bar, and do not get drunk.

  • Know how to cope with stress

Stress can be a big motivator to go back to gambling. How you manage your stress is very vital. Many manage their stress levels by getting drunk and gambling which should not be the case.

Find other healthy ways to manage stress. They could be doing some physical exercises, talking to someone you trust, or meditation. Bear in mind that the temptations to gamble will grow stronger when you are more stressed, so you should focus on effective stress management techniques or seek professional help. 

  • Think of the consequences

The recovery process is not easy, especially if you have to think about the guilt and shame from gambling addiction. However, the same issues could motivate you never to look back. They should inspire you never to want that life where you will feel ashamed of being addicted. 

Consider the emotional pain it would you and your family members. Think of the lies you would have to tell to get money for gambling or to go gamble. This can be a stimulant to help you push through recovery. 

Bottom Line

Gambling addiction is not impressive at all. If you see someone struggling with the recovery process, help them where you can. If this is you trying to control gambling addiction, then follow these hacks, and in no time, gambling addiction will be a thing of the past.

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