Have you decided that you are hungry for experiencing new cultures and are in need of experiencing something that you have never seen before, well then a trip to India will cure this hunger instantly. However, there are things that you should know before you pack your suitcase and take the next plane, and in this article, you will find five pieces of advice that will guide you, before you are going. Then, as you are waiting at the airport for your flight there and as you are playing at one of the best online casinos in India, you will be much better prepared to take on this new journey.

Do the research

India is an absolutely beautiful country, and it is filled with wonders and cultures that you might never have seen before. It is one of the best tourist destinations out there, as there is always something more to see. However, you should be aware that travelling to India requires research. This is not only in order to find out where you should sleep and eat, but it is also in order for you to better understand some of the cultures of the area that you are travelling to before you are actually in the country. This is a very good investment of your time, and you will quickly find out that you are constantly learning new things as you arrive, but there are some things that are important to know before arrival.

Be mindful of the food

When travelling to India you should be aware of the food. India practically invented spices, which means there might be a lot of food that at first will upset your stomach. If you are wondering whether or not to eat a dish that might be too strong or too spicy for you, then simply ask the waiter or vendor that is serving the dish if it is suitable for people that are not used to strong and spicy food. This might save you from a lot of bathroom breaks during your travelling, and then slowly you night build up your tolerance so that you can eat spicier and spicier food.

Bring cash with you everywhere

When you are visiting India, it is a good idea for you to bring cash with you to most places that you do. ATM’s are spread widely across the larger metropolitan areas, but if you are travelling to other parts of the country and more remote areas, you are not guaranteed to have access to an ATM, and you should therefore be prepared to pay everything with cash. If you remember this, you will be able to avoid very troublesome situations, and you will be able to enjoy your travelling experience much more. A nice rule to follow here is that you should always bring enough cash so that you can find a place to sleep and pay for all your meals until you again arrive at an ATM.

There are 22 official languages 

As you are travelling to a new and exciting country, it is often advised by others who have been there before that you take the time to learn some common words and phrases in the local language. However, this is not the case as you are travelling to India. In India there are 22 official languages and 1,721 other languages that have yet to be determined as official. This means that there is no possible way for you to know every single dialect and language that you come across, and so it is best to speak English so that you are sure to get where you need to go and receive the information that you need in order to enjoy your trip. However, it is always possible and very exciting to learn new words, and it might be fun to ask the locals to teach you phrases and words that are commonly used in the area that you are visiting. 

Have an open mind

As you have read there are hundreds of languages in India and there are therefore hundreds of different cultures spread across India from the very south to the very north. This means that while you are visiting India, you should be sure to keep an open mind and be aware, as what might be considered polite in one area might not be in another. It is not expected that you know everything about the area that you are visiting beforehand, but it is important that you are willing to learn, as this will make your experience that much more pleasant, and you are also sure as to not be rude or inconsiderate to the local people living in the area your visiting. A general rule of thumb is also that if you are in doubt then ask. This is the easiest way to avoid trouble and learn something new and exciting while travelling in India.

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