Gaming stands at the pinnacle of entertainment and there’s no denying that particular fact. Through the course of time, developers have always made it a point to grow and pioneer through the ranks to come forward with products like never before. Thanks to that, we now have a new and improvised gaming industry that is responsible for generating income and thus, offers job security. And one among the many places where this industry is blooming is in Northeastern India.

How The Rise

The North East’s gaming industry has been leaving no stone unturned in helping people get used to a comfortable gaming experience. In this region of India, developers seem to know their audience and are providing them with products that suit their style. As a result, the market has hit a new position that seems to be reaching the top. With such growth and expansion being a prominent form of action, we can only expect the future to offer more changes and help the industry grow further.

The Beginning of a New Era

By all means, the phenomenal growth of gaming in the North East can be classified as the beginning of a new era. It is the start of a unique form of entertainment taking control over a market that seems to be happy with all that they have to receive. From action-oriented games to various other categories, there is a lot to explore and doing so, will help you get an idea of the industry’s position on the overall market. While different categories of games seem to be available, there is one specific category that seems to be making all the noise. 

Yes, you heard that right. There is a special part of gaming entertainment that includes the money and brings in the elements of gambling. That part is also being touted as an important one as Northeastern individuals or Indians, in general, are looking towards gambling. With a wide set of games and a ton of casino apps, gambling has become easy and exploring it is being classified as a fun activity. Since Indian gambling games are also a part of the mix, one wouldn’t be surprised upon coming across topics such as the 3Patti cash game and so on.

With gamers and gamblers being all around the corner, it was just a matter of time for the Northeast to witness an Esports summit. And for all the right reasons, it transformed into reality because the Northeast eSports Summit is something worth waiting for.

Exploring the Northeast Esports Summit

It was NODWIN Gaming that brought the Northeast Esports Summit to life and did so with their championship level of gaming. With the prize pool hitting lakhs, players were drawn into the mix and were happy to explore all that was being offered. The tournament not only included a specific format but was also willing to bend over to the creative side and make things spectacular. Thanks to all that, the Summit is sure to continue and the North East is going to witness a lot more on this front.

Government Regulation

With the rise in gaming, it was inevitable for the government to remain quiet as new regulations have come into the picture. From February of 2021, Meghalaya only became the third Northeastern state to regulate both gaming and gambling under a license-based regime. The other two states on the list are Nagaland and Sikkim and their approach also seems to be heading in the right direction. Due to that, gamers can expect a regularized setup that not only eliminates threats but removes other kinds of risks from the picture. 

The new ordinance passed by Meghalaya has come forward to regulate both games of skill and chance and brings forward other kinds of classifications into the mix. While we do require more time to understand how the ordinance is really going to affect gaming, we can certainly get a simple idea from all that has been going on. Since the growth has been phenomenal, an ordinance of this sort was bound to come in and keep things from falling apart.

What We Think

Gaming and the Northeast are now going hand-in-hand in creating a unique form of change. Since entertainment is a special way to keep people excited, we need to move forward and explore more on this front. So go ahead and live your life to the fullest.

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