The streets of North-east Indian are probably never going to forget a game like Jhandi Munda. As a popular symbol of entertainment, the game went on to achieve a place of importance and help people have a great time. Suited for people of all age groups, Jhandi Munda was certainly a hit among teenagers, parents and grandparents. With time, it grew into a traditional dice betting game and became even more popular when people began exploring it. Thanks to its close touch with gambling, it was just a matter of time for the game to evolve and appear on our gaming screens.

What is Jhandi Munda: For those who don’t know

The Indian gambling scene has come across various kinds of games, ranging from Teen Patti to Andar Bahar and also including a few famous slot games. While the law has not been very kind, it did manage to help games reach the level of importance that they deserve. Thanks to that, there was an open space in the industry for more games to appear since the market was always willing to explore. The advancement in technology and introduction of casino apps made matters easier and thus, the door towards Jhandi Munda Online was open for everyone.

As a game of chance, players were instantly hooked to the game and wanted to understand the manner of approach that can be used to win. Due to that, Jhandi Munda started witnessing strategies and with that, more players started registering themselves to casinos and playing Jhandi Munda. Hence, a small game from the state of Arunachal Pradesh is now a huge success in the Indian gambling industry.

Exploring Jhandi Munda (Crown & Anchor)

Once game developers started to bring the game online, things began to change rapidly. The 6 sided game was no longer a small affair as users from all over the world started competing with others in order to win Jhandi Munda. But how did they go about doing so? Well, it all starts from a simple guide on how to play Jhandi Munda. 

a. Rules

Jhandi Munda, a game of chance is played with 6 dice and each one of these has 6 symbols. Players who are going to take part in the game will have to bet on which symbols appear the most number of times as face-up with all 6 dice in one roll. The different kinds of symbols that make the cut are heart, face, diamond, spade, club and flag. 

So, if you happen to place a bet on the symbol of diamond to appear face-up in one roll and ultimately the symbol appears twice on two different dice, then you are bound to receive double the amount that you spent on the game. 

b. Basic Strategy

Jhandi Munda is a straightforward game. It does not have a vast set of rules nor does it have other kinds of complications that come over time. Due to that, following a basic strategy will certainly help you seal the deal and make the most of the Jhandi Munda experience. However, for things to truly work out, you need to play this game online because you will come across hot and cold symbols.

While hot symbols are the ones that are frequently appearing, cold symbols rarely make an appearance. As a result, following this pattern and betting on the right symbol is an easy strategy to win and make it all count. But the same trick can be applied on the streets because the features of hot and cold symbols do not make an appearance on that front. Hence, Jhandi Munda online is the right game for you. 

Moreover, it also comes with a winning potential of over 97.14% and that figure is way higher than what you can expect from other gambling games. As a result, Jhandi Munda can create a proper winning potential and that is something that you should not ignore. 

Understanding the two main variations of Jhandi Munda

It’s quite hard to find a single variation of a game because developers are always busy helping the market evolve and achieve new targets. Thanks to that, two main variations come into the picture and Jhandi Munda has it all. While the first variant is the common one, the second opens the door towards a different gaming experience that is second to none. So let’s explore the latter and then come to the former. 

The second variation of Jhandi Munda is one where you receive a fixed return of 3.4x. And that remains the same regardless of how many times you have chosen a particular symbol. Due to that, this particular version is an exciting one and definitely worth the try. However, in terms of payout, you might not see a significant change between the first and second variants. 

The first and the basic variant is the one that has been played for a long time. It is the game that was brought out from the streets and is now a major factor for online gambling. As a result, the rules are the same and there are no differences, except for the fact that it is a major evolution in gaming.

Benefits of playing Jhandi Munda online

With simple rules, unique gameplay and other aspects coming into the making the most of Jhandi Munda, you will always be stuck with benefits that you need to know about. So without further ado, here are some of the top benefits of playing Jhandi Munda.

a. Can be played for free or also for money

Yes, that’s right. The inclusion of Jhandi Munda in the online gambling space means that you can now play the game for free and also for money. Based on your preference, you can go ahead to choose the one you like and make it count. While it is ideal for beginners to start with the free version, professionals can taste the version that provides financial returns. 

b. Wide number of table options

Since there are no possible limits for the online version, you can expect to explore a long list of table options and choose the one where you feel at home. As a result, if you believe that one table is not working out, you can switch over to another one and try to examine your luck in a manner like no other. 

c. Safe and secure payments 

Legalized online gaming operators will always offer you a safe and secure passage for payments and that goes without saying. This route that they pick will be an ideal one and you can always depend upon the accountability that they have to offer. Hence, safe and secure payments are just around the corner. 


By now, you would have understood how Jhandi Munda sums up to be a great gaming experience. With its digital transformation being a huge story, you can expect the game to reach further heights and make the most of the opportunities that are available at its doorstep. As a result, Jhandi Munda is here to stay and you need to move ahead and check it out. 


1. How to play Jhandi Munda online?

The six-sided game of Jhandi Munda can be played by getting yourself registered to any online casino. And soon after registering, you can opt to play Jhandi Munda and experience a game like no other. 

2. How to win at Jhandi Munda?

Winning at Jhandi Munda requires you to make the best possible bets as the dice that you bet on, needs to appear the most number of times. Hence, a strategic decision needs to be enforced. 

3. Is Jhandi Munda legal in India?

Yes, playing Jhandi Munda is completely legal and exploring it on licensed online casinos will help you seal the deal with ease. 

4. Which is the best strategy for Jhandi Munda?

The basic strategy of examining the hot and cold symbols is the best strategy for Jhandi Munda since placing your bets on the most common symbols is sure to make it all head in the right direction. 

5. Can we earn money by playing Jhandi Munda?

Yes, players can earn money by playing Jhandi Munda, provided their bets are accurate and stand the test of time.

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