It has been a tumultuous year for India in many ways and the Indian Premier League has felt it too. Despite everybody’s best efforts it was deemed impossible for the IPL to return to Indian soil for the remainder of the 2021 season. It has instead been moved to the United Arab Emirates, in order to try to combat the effects of the pandemic on our country. For a large proportion of Indian cricket fans, of which we all know there are many, this will be a real blow, but there are some serious positives that can be gleaned from this news. Here we will outline some of them.

One of the major positives that will come from the relocation of the IPL is the break that players will receive from the press. Not only have some Indian news reporters been questioning the morality of the decision to continue with the league, but it has also made headlines on a global scale. It was only very recently that the Indian cricket board was lambasted by British sports commentator Gary Lineker for continuing to play. With matches coming to an end for the time being and plans to move the tournament abroad, the media now have a chance to allow the players to unwind from a difficult season and come back on far better form.

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Another outcome that might arise is that more Indian players could see themselves on the pitch. Whilst the IPL is of course Indian by name, some of the players that get the most time on the pitch are English and Australian. Although the new dates for the IPL won’t directly clash with other fixtures, there will be English and Australian players who are setting their sights on The Ashes. It is highly likely that these players will not be making the journey to the UAE. It will be a blow to the franchises who rely heavily on players of these nationalities however, it could bring with it some hidden benefits. Whilst these players are important members of the team, their absence could allow Indian players who might usually be reserves to make their mark on the pitch. Now more than ever it is important to support young players and the new schedule could allow this to happen very naturally.

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