Like with most entertainment mediums out there, book trends are constantly changing. The world of literature has expanded immensely with the rise of self-publishing platforms like KDP, and thanks to the influx of new books hitting the market daily, some interesting trends have taken off. While most of us are familiar with the popularity of genres like Horror, Fantasy, and Young Adult fiction, most of us are not too aware of the few unexpected niches gaining traction in the literary world. If you are itching for something new to read, here are a few successful niches you should check out.

The Gambling Niche

Now that you know the gambling niche has taken off recently, you can probably guess what the reason for this is. With operators like NetBet Casino becoming one of the internet’s most popular destinations, people worldwide have rekindled their interest in classic casino games! From Poker and Roulette to Keno and Slots, these websites host some of the best titles you can currently find online. Naturally, with the hype around casino games rising, books related to casino strategy, game rules, and even fiction set in the exciting world of luxury casinos is selling like hotcakes!

Surprisingly enough, it is not just the casino side of things that people are interested in. If you visit, you will find that many of these premium sites also include sports betting sections! Sports betting is an insanely popular activity as well, and it is easy to see why. From popular sports like Football and Basketball to obscure ones like Gaelic Hurling, these websites offer bettors a chance to follow a variety of sports in real-time! Just like books on casino strategy, books that focus on betting tips are seeing plenty of attention in today’s literary scene.

Autobiographical Poetry

While it might sound a bit strange to those of us that are not too familiar with the musing of great poets, poetry, more specifically autobiographical poetry, is one niche that is seeing tons of traction right now. We can safely say that poetry is not for everyone. Not everyone can follow the expertly crafted wordplay of a thought-provoking poem, but that does not mean there is not a market for it in the world of literature.

Poetry is currently one of the best ways to put your feelings to words. It is often hard for us to express certain emotions throughout our lives, which is why poetry is such an incredible outlet that can prove to be healing and nurturing for the soul. The world undoubtedly agrees with that sentiment. Autobiographical poems are exactly that, the author’s emotions in ink and paper. And more and more people are seeing this as something they can relate to. From your local bookish café to stages worldwide, the autobiographical poetry niche is sending good vibes we cannot help but love.

The RPG Fantasy Niche

Pretty much all of us are familiar with role-playing games by now. While the RPG revolution started with Dungeons and Dragons long before video games came into play, the digital medium took the genre to new heights. We are all fans of the fantastical, so it is easy to see why RPGs are such a beloved category across multiple entertainment mediums. What might baffle some of you with this book niche is what separates RPG-inspired books from your regular old epic fantasies.

The answer to that question is pretty simple. The RPG niche does not tell a classic fantasy tale. Instead, it uses video game elements to throw characters into a magical world where they have to level up, defeat boss raids, and complete various quests to upgrade their armour and weapons. While there are undoubtedly elements of typical fantasy in these books, they are told through a video game lens inspired by some of the best RPGs throughout gaming history!

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