On the occasion of Mother’s Day 2021, Tattva Creations – a digital marketing, brand communication and event company with offices in Guwahati and Delhi, had organised a campaign dedicated to all the awesome moms through their #AwesomeMom campaign.

Deciding that its time to give ‘mothers in business’ a hand by helping out with their digital marketing expertise to amplify their brand awareness and connect the winners and participants with markets, partners and leads for the whole month of June. 

The winners selected for the free month digital marketing are Esther M Malommu of Inspiresbypsalms (@Inspiresbypsalms) and Namrata Mayanil of Mamma-Miya (@mammamiya_momplanner) – both beautiful businesses that have recently been launched by these #AwesomeMoms.

If you aren’t already following these handles, do check them out and stay tuned for updates on their businesses and more such contests from Tattva Creations! 

Tattva Creations, founded in 2010, is a one-stop marketing and brand communication agency that has worked across all 8 states of Northeast India through its Guwahati headquarters and has also worked on national projects with the Government of India from its New Delhi office.

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