Sometimes the only thing you want to do in the evening is just relax. For example, watch a movie, read a book, or play casino games online. And such an evening can be even better with snacks. Want to try something new? Then these 9 Indian desserts are your choice.

Gulab Jamun

These sweet balls just melt in your mouth! They consist of powdered milk and sugar syrup. This simple dessert is very popular not only in India, it is adored in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan and can be bought in Govindam or other popular sweet shops in Guwahati.

Gajar Ka Halwa

This is nothing short of carrot halwa, which means it’s not just a dessert. It is a hearty, tasty and, importantly, vitamin-rich dish that is most suitable for the cold season. If you like carrot cake, then you might also like carrot halwa, a traditional Punjabi dessert.


Sandesh is a simple Bengali dessert that is based on milk and sugar. Most sandesh recipes include paneer, a homemade curd. In some regions of Bangladesh, the sweet is called “pranahara,” and it is a more delicate version of the Indian sandesh. The spicy flavor and aroma of the dessert is added by saffron.


A simple Indian dessert, which is a sweet, thick yogurt with spices, mostly saffron. Yogurts can be served with pieces of fruit, nuts, cereals, and the Indian shrikhand includes both fruit pores and the pulp of fruits and berries. Mango shrikhand is very popular and includes mango puree or pieces of mango pulp.


Payasam is the South Indian version of kheer, the famous sweet rice pudding. It is a rice and milk-based dessert to which cashews and raisins are added.


A delicious creamy milk fudge usually topped with nuts. The color, flavor and aroma of the burfi can vary depending on the spices added. Burfi is not just a dessert, it often plays the role of a sweet gift, and its popularity increases during the holiday season.

Shahi Tukda

A sweet Indian bread pudding made with nuts (almonds, pistachios, cashews) and spices (saffron, cardamom). The recipe is thought to have originated in the 19th century, and today it is popular as a dessert for holidays with many guests.


Another popular sweet milk pudding with rice flour and pistachios. Served in small serving bowls or large crème de la crème.


Our traditional ice cream is not only on the list of the main Italian desserts. In India, it is kulfi – a frozen dessert that is not difficult to make yourself at home. And it consists of ingredients that seem to be almost always present in Indian and Palestinian desserts: milk, sugar, cardamom, and pistachios.

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