The state of Tamil Nadu has promulgated an ordinance which would see it ban online gambling Credit: EM Buzz

The number of Indian states that have banned online gaming has moved to three recently, and more could be on the way. The state of Tamil Nadu has promulgated an ordinance which would see it ban online gambling, and this includes hugely popular games such as poker and rummy.

This has all happened as a response to a report that showed a number of Indian citizens have committed suicide due to their gambling losses. This has prompted a very serious response, and Tamil Nadu may not be the last state in the country to do this.

There are a total of 28 states that make up the country of India, along with eight union territories. The first two states to ban online gambling were Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Now we have seen Tamil Nadu join them, and there is talk that Karnataka could be the next in line to do this and it is a story that you will continue to read about in the latest Indian news.

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Why and how have Tamil Nadu banned gambling?

The Tamil Nadu government has specifically targeted online gambling sites when they have brought in their ban, as well as those who are facilitating gambling transactions. When they released a statement on the matter, they were clear in the reasoning behind their decision.

They stated that it was due to online gaming why innocent people, mainly those who are young, are feeling like they are being cheated. This has led to some of these people committing suicide, so the Tamil Nadu government have stepped in to try and save others from the same happening to them.

They went on to say “in order to avoid such cases of suicide and protect innocent people from the evils of online gaming, the government has submitted a proposal to the Governor to promulgate an ordinance by amending the Tamil Nadu Gaming Act 1930, Chennai City Police Act 1888 and Tamil Nadu District Police Act 1859.

As mentioned, Karnataka are also hinting at changes to be made in the district, which would ban online gambing there too. They say they have noticed that illegal gambling websites have grown during lockdown and proven to be a menace.

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The future of gambling in India

Despite this talk, the future of gambling in India as a whole does seem to be ok, and growth still continues. There is likely to be some clarity in the future regarding the rules around gambling though, as the vagueness of those is certainly not helping the situation.

Indian players in other districts can continue to take advantage of the service on offer, and it is fair to say that the current Indian service is strong. A look at this Pure Casino review at shows the level of service on offer for players right now, so a lot is being done to improve things.

The next few years are likely to bring change to the Indian gambling market, something that has been needed for a while now. As part of this, don’t be surprised to see a toughening of the rules and more regulation in India itself, rather than relying on others to do that work.

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