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Four sisters and a brother, the musical family of Tetseo have sung their way to glory. Just two albums and they are where they are — popular not just in India but internationally. They have performed live not just in Northeast but in China, Thailand, South Korea, US and the UK. Their first EP, “Li Chapter One: The Beginning” was launched at Hornbill Festival 2011. Since then there has been no looking back for the band of siblings.

In a recent tete-a-tete, we got up, close and personal with the two-album wonder.

Born in a family of musicians, music is in their DNA. “Our music started from our parents, they have passed on the music to us. It began with folk songs and we are happy that we could come this far and we have a responsibility to share what we have and leave behind a legacy for the future generation” said Lulu.

“I think there is something special about being sisters, sharing a bond that keeps us together, no matter what obstacles come along our way” expressed Lulu upon being asked what keeps this band of siblings together. “In a way, the music ties us together and it’s easier for us because we are still a family” added Mercy. 

And it was a “dream come true moment” for this closely knit family when the entire family — the three sisters, brother and parents were together on stage performing at the recently concluded Hornbill Festival in Nagaland. It was nothing less than a musical treat for all those present. Mercy added, “It was a major boost for all of us to share the space with the people who taught us our music.”

The quartet of four sisters; Azi, Mercy, Kuvelu and Lulu and their brother Mhaseve Tetseo was brought up in a culture of carol singing since their school days. “A lot of people have forgotten what Christmas used to be, for us children we were in a big carol group and we would sit around fire and go around from house to house singing carols and then people would give us cakes and offer tea. That tradition has completely died now,” said Mercy.

Tetseo Sisters take pride in being Naga. When on stage they not only represent their family or their music but the entire Naga community and its rich tradition through their music, attire and ornaments.

Their second EP, “A Slice of Li”, a folk fusion album which was released this year on May has been “tried and tested” as is a combination of songs they performed on various venues taking into account the crowd’s response and feedback trying to create a bridge between the audience and their performances. 

This family of talented musicians doesn’t just limit themselves to creating music. They are lot more than just being musicians par excellence. Lulu is a medical student, Kuvelu a fashion blogger and Mercy is a PR consultant.  

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