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When a newbie rock band of five friends gets the opportunity to open for the legendary singer from Shillong, Lou Majaw at Peace Rock Basement, Jaxx Guwahati, the journey automatically becomes an eventful one. Such was the case of the local band Colossal Corp.

Formed in September 2011, with an aim to reach out to the hardcore fans of hard rock, Farhad Hussain (vocalist), Sarfaraz Hussain (guitarist), Subrajyoti Das (guitarist), Sunny Mushahari (bass guitarist) and Sazzid Zaman (drummer) came together to share with the world their version of what rock band should be.

It was Subrajyoti and Sarfaraj who first came up with the concept of making a band. “We had to wait for my younger brother Farhad because he was too young,” said Sarfaraj. Further, Farhad said, “After my 10th exam in 2010, we had our first acoustic show in Maniram Dewan Trade Centre.”

With an adrenaline taste of the ‘stage-thrill’ performing together as a band the three members started jamming regularly thereafter. The initial outlook of the band was supposed to be an acoustic one. However, with the addition of band members, Sanjeeb Boro on the bass and Kalyan Dev on the drums, brought in different genres and a variety of music to the band. When Sunny took up the reigns in the bass and Sazzid on the drums, the band’s outlook was modified entirely. 

“The first song ‘The Adventure of Mike O Bryan’ came out while we were jamming randomly,” said Sarfaraj. “Subrajyoti was into Jack Wild and his chicken-pickin techniques and I started strumming some chords into it and it came out pretty good,” said Sarfaraj. This then led to the addition of rock elements from the band and some “whacky and groovy” lyrics with a story. “This was our first storytelling song and it’s about a cowboy who is in search of his cow Molly,” says Farhad. “The name itself is quite clichéd for any cowboy” added the vocalist.

Farhad, the vocalist of Colossal Corp. has won the second runners up in vocals in MTV Karaoke World Championship 2013 which was held in Mumbai and Rocka-Rolla Awards 2017 for the best Rock Vocalist held in Guwahati.

The band is a confluence of many different genres of music merging in perfect harmony. “Our bassist (Sunny Mushahari) brings in groovy music along with Jazz, Funk, and Alternative genre, our drummer (Sazzid Zaman) on the other hand is from a complete metal background,” said Farhad. He added, “We are also influenced by pop elements and we cover a few pop songs as well. We improvise them and bring some rock elements to the song.” The band is also well versed with various forms of rock music including soft rock, hard rock, progressive rock, glam rock, rock grass and so on.

Their recent song release Five n’ Forever on August 3, this year takes us through the melodious journey of the band as a whole. From the ‘tight rolls’ to the ‘riffs’ the band has experienced many highs and lows in the first six to seven years. It was the culmination of all those experiences that led to the formation of the new song which is also an ode to the bandmates of Colossal Corp’s, both old and new.

Talking about the scenario of rock music in the Northeast, Sarfaraj said that the position is always constant. “But the sad story is that it gets overwhelmed by Pop music and the rest of the genres” added Sarfaraj.

However, according to the band, music such as pop will come out of nowhere and will become an instant hit within a few months. But then it disappears to oblivion only to be replaced by another new song. “The songs that we play, will always remain constant. The songs that we play have been played by our grandparents as well” says the rock brothers.

Besides, Sarfaraj is also a teacher who imparts knowledge about old classic rock numbers and rock legends. “Sometimes I deliberately force them to sing as well,” the guitarist added humorously.

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