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Guwahati: Rectified Spirit doesn’t want to associate itself or its creative process to any specific genre of music. The Assam-based band draws its influence from various kinds of metal music that have come up over the years.

The result is an amalgamation of genres, which the band would like to call ‘libero metal’.

“We create an approach or attitude which liberates us from being associated with a particular genre,” Rainjong Lepcha, the vocalist of the band, told VibesMojo in an exclusive interview.

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Formed in 2005, Rectified Spirit has been in the metal scene of India for 14 years now. Coming a long way from where it started, the band has played everything from metal-core to tech death to power metal and straight-up heavy metal, and now is in the ‘libero metal’ mood.

Speaking with VibesMojo, Rainjong Lepcha, the vocalist of the band, said, “We don’t force ourselves to sound so technical. It just comes naturally.”

The band was also nominated by Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2013 in three categories — best vocalist, best drummer and best bassist.

Recounting their first gig, guitarist Samudragupta Dutta laughed and said, “Our first gig was in Alcheringa [IIT-Guwahati] and there was a feedback from the amp during the entire gig.”

They thank their first gig outside the Northeast at Bluefrog Mumbai which actually helped their band to be discovered in the active metal field of India. They are a huge fan of the illustrious series, Game of Thrones (GOT), so much so that they even made a music cover for the series.

Talking about their upcoming projects, the band says that they are in the last leap of releasing their third album. They will probably be taking a break for some time after the upcoming release.

After the second album, the band itself has gone through a lot emotionally. The losses and gains have been shaping up their material for the third album. “We are taking a lot of time and a lot of emotion is involved in the making of the third album. Not rushing into it like we usually do with our previous albums, we are trying to keep it raw and particular,” said Nishant Hagjer, the band’s drummer.

The band has performed in various gigs of the active metal circuit across their hometown and has been branching out to different states across India. After a few years of being active in the circuit, in 2009, many band members left the band due to their individual engagements.

Thereafter, founder member and guitarist Samudragupta Dutta and long-term bassist Himangshu Borah reformed the band again in 2011 with guitarist Imtiyaz Alam. With newly associated vocalist Rainjong Lepcha and drummer Nishant Hagjer, the band started performing again. However, even Imtiyaz Alam had to leave and his position was taken up by Dishankan Baruah who along with the newest recruit in the team, Gitartha Goswami (guitarist), worked in the third album.


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