Shillong: The Meghalaya government wants to show an honest picture of the COVID situation in the state instead of trying to paint a picture that all is well, said Director of Health Services, Dr Aman Warr. He was addressing the high positivity rate of 10% in the state.

“The people we have directed for testing are coming out positive, and that is good for us. The people whom we suspect to be positive, we test them, and they are coming out positive. That is how we can contain the virus. If I want that positivity rate to come down, there are lots of people, and lots of them will come out negative, and few will be positive, we don’t want that. We want to show the real picture,” stated Dr Warr.

According to Warr, until last year, coronavirus was only one paragraph in textbooks. “Why it became virulent is another topic altogether. Why has it mutated so fast? We have to study that. But the situation regarding this particular pandemic is not good,” Dr Warr added.

He added that in the end, it comes back to the three points – masking, social distancing and hand sanitisation. Everyone must follow these so that lockdown is relaxed.

Dr Warr said so far, Meghalaya has maintained the graph of COVID cases compared with the other states. Cases in Meghalaya have plateaued, and the state has maintained that graph. “Compared to what happened two months back, the situation now is much better, but we can’t let our guard down. We have to continue doing what we have been doing for the past three months so that the situation is better than what it is now,” stated Dr Warr.

When asked if the state is ready to face the third wave, Dr Warr said, “We have ramped up and are preparing since we have seen kids are also infected. Some of them also passed away, although that was due to other prevailing conditions. We are always ramping up, and you will see that our medical personnel are going way beyond their means to see to it that they can manage the cases properly and come out of this pandemic in good time.”

The government, along with the health department, is also ramping up the PICU facilities at Ganesh Das Hospital, Step Down Hospital, and in Tura and Jowai. He said that at least by the end of this month, things would be in place. He also informed that the state has paediatricians and medical officers, who are being trained, and that they will manage.

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