GANGTOK: Sikkim CM Prem Singh Golay has announced that vaccination for individuals above the age of 18 years will begin from May 16. The move comes after the earlier national announcement for vaccination from May 1.

But with shortage of vaccines, the inoculation drive for the 18-44 age category couldn’t be carried out as per schedule.

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As per the current government data, Sikkim has given 2.20 lakh vaccine doses since beginning of the vaccination drive on January 16. Also, 24.39% of the total population of Sikkim has already received the first dose.

With a population of 6.73 lakh as on October 2020, Sikkim received 3,03,400 doses of vaccine, recording 0.87% wastage. The total consumption including the wastage accounts for 2,20,181 doses with 83,219 doses available.

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  1. how would i know which day is available to take vaccination also how long ahead time we can can book availability???
    above 18 yrs above and below 45!

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