New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Tuesday expressed displeasure over “huge wastage” of vaccines and asked the Centre to vaccinate whomsoever it can to ensure there is no wastage.

A bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli said according to news reports there is a daily wastage of six per cent of vaccines and till now 44 lakh vaccines out of 10 crore have been wasted, maximum in Tamil Nadu.

“This is a huge wastage. Give it to those who want it. Whomsoever you can vaccinate, please vaccinate. Whether 16 year old or 60 year old, all need vaccination. The pandemic does not discriminate,” the court told the Centre.

The court said young people are being affected more this time round, and lot of young lives have been lost.

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It said if at the end of a day, a few shots are available in a vial, then it be given to someone whether they fall in the approved categories for vaccination or not.

The observations by the bench came during the hearing of a disposed of petition related to COVID-19 tests which was revived on April 19 (Monday).

The high court on Monday noted that the virus has raised its “ugly head” once again and the pandemic is raging with much greater intensity and “it is evident that the healthcare infrastructure is at the stage of imminent collapse”.

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