Two antibodies identified in Israel may fight all known Covid strains: Study
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The threat of COVID-19 looms large as a record number of cases are being reported every day. The acute shortage of hospital beds, vaccines, and other health facilities is another major concern.

In case you get COVID-19, or a precautionary self-help step for yourself or your loved ones, keep these seven essential medical items in stock:

  • Portable oxygen canister
    COVID-19 impacts our lungs which in turns impacts our oxygen levels. This portable oxygen canister is handy and serves as a lifesaver in times of need. You can order this online from Amazon or Apollo.
  • Oximeter
    As mentioned earlier, monitoring oxygen levels during COVID is quintessential. So get an oximeter and be consistent in checking SPO2 levels.
  • Thermometer/ Infrared thermometer
    In case you feel unwell or are already infected, checking your body temperature is a must. Also, checking visitor’s temperature can be an added precaution.

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  • Paracetamol
    The one tablet taken religiously by COVID-19 patients with fever is paracetamol. There are several paracetamols available over the counter, without the requirement of a prescription. Also, it is a must-have medicine in your medicine kit at home.
  • Zinc, Vitamic C and Vitamin B12
    COVID-19 attacks your immune system, and it is absolutely necessary to keep take supplements for Zinc, Vitamin C and B12. At least for a week to 14 days when infected.
  • Steamer/ Vapouriser
    Steam is a great way of decongesting your nose. Also, if you lose your sense of taste and smell, one hack adopted by the masses is to take steam 2-3 times a day. You can either add menthol to it or Sinarest tablet (green colour soft pills). These can easily be purchased from your neighbourhood pharmacy, or you can even order them online.
  • Oral rehydration salts
    Coronavirus dehydrates your body, making you feel weak. Drink at least 1-litre of water mixed with Electral powder or drink 2-3 ORS each day.

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