For those who are questioning the need for two doses of COVID-19 vaccine, Manhattan-based comedian Vick Krishna‘s viral Tik-Tok video has all the answers.

His simple-yet-relatable analogy is winning the internet.

In the viral video, Krishna, puts on a simple skit featuring forks to show how the vaccines made by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna work. The actor-comedian turned the vaccination process into a victory over evil to explain how the mRNA vaccine works.

An NPR (National Public Radio) development and operations engineer based in New York City by the day, Krishna is a videographer by night. His simple and straight forward videos received a lot of support and encouragement. It has been viewed over 2.46 lakh times on Twitter.

Earlier, he made a video to explain how vaccine works. The film parody includes a monster with spiky fork hands, people disappearing into thin air, a concerned scientist who makes antibodies.

Talking with NPR, he explained that there was a lot of fear and misinformation about the vaccine, so he wanted to explain the process in an entertaining way.

Netizens have absolutely loved Krishna’s videos. Check their reactions below:

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