Dr Syed Faizan Ahmed shared this pic on his twitter handle
Dr Syed Faizan Ahmed shared this pic on his twitter handle |EastMojo image

COVID-19 doctor shares pic of severely wrinkled hand after wearing PPE

Photo of a Delhi doctor's hand wrinkled after wearing PPE for hours at a stretch in humid weather has gone viral

Amlan Jyoti Das

Amlan Jyoti Das

Guwahati: COVID-19 has been taking its toll on everyone, from students to frontline workers and daily wage earners.

A recent photo shared by a Delhi-based doctor of his severely wrinkled hand after wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for hours at a stretch has brought out the severity of the pandemic once again.

Dr Syed Faizan Ahmed while sharing the photo on Twitter wrote, “My hands after doffing #PPE due to profuse sweating in extremely humid climate.”

The healthcare workers' duty does not only demands long working hours from them but also forces many of them to stay away from their families for the fear of further infection. These doctors have been at the forefront battling the COVID-19 pandemic. These healthcare workers need to take care of patients suffering from the virus, a virus where there is still no vaccine.

To ensure their safety these frontline workers have to wear PPE’s throughout the day. Donning on layers and layers of PPE’s with the masks and the gloves in a humid country like India is no joke.

Pictures and videos of the health care workers in the frontline showing the pangs of wearing a PPE kit for long hours have been circulating in social media for quite some time. A few months ago a video of a doctor mummifying himself in a PPE kit with hazmat suits, headgear, masks, and gloves and then sealing any cracks with tape before meeting a COVID-19 patient went viral on social media. In yet another video buckets of sweat gushed out of a medic's PPE suit when she lifted her trouser and removed plastic bags from her feet.

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