Deserted look at Dungrei locality at Hungpung village in Ukhrul district
Deserted look at Dungrei locality at Hungpung village in Ukhrul district|EastMojo image

Manipur: 1st test of 34 primary contacts of Ukhrul girl found negative for COVID-19

District medical officials conduct intensive contact tracing and zero in on at least 35 individuals as primary contacts, except one returnee from other state

Vangamla Salle K S

Vangamla Salle K S

Ukhrul: At least 34 locals in Ukhrul district in Manipur who were included in the primary contact lists of the 21-year-girl, who had earlier tested positive for COVID-19 on the day she left for home quarantine, tested negative on Monday.

The 21-year-girl, a Mumbai returnee, had tested positive on the day she was sent for home quarantine after staying at the quarantine center for at least 41 days without receiving her swab test result on July 5.

Soon after the incident, the district medical officials and local authorities conducted an intensive contact tracing and zeroed in on at least 35 individuals as primary contacts within the locals, except one returnee from other state.

Apart from the other 34 locals tested negative, the person who had returned from other state is being kept at the same village quarantine center where the Mumbai retunee girl had stayed. The person is waiting for the swab test result, said Dungrei Public Organisation (DPO) president Xavier CS.

The latest development has brought substantial relief for the locals of Dungrei at Hungpung village and district administration.

However, as per reports, the present containment across the Dungrei area will continue since another three more persons, all returnees, from the same locality have been detected as COVID-19 positive on their second swab test after completion of their home quarantine on Saturday. They were among the 32 returnees who came in contact with the Mumbai returnee girl during their stay at the same village quarantine center.

According to district surveillance officer Dr Pamyaphy Grace Horam, necessary measures like containment at the area will continue and if require, residents of Dungrei area will all have to do undergo swab test.

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