Mizoram man arrested for spreading fake news on COVID-19
Mizoram man arrested for spreading fake news on COVID-19|Representational Image

Mizoram: 54-year-old man arrested for spreading fake news on COVID-19

The accused had shared on WhatsApp groups that 2 COVID-19 patients have escaped from quarantine facility in Lawngtlai town

Henry L Khojol

Aizawl: A 54-year old man was arrested for allegedly spreading fake news on social media platforms, a police statement said on Wednesday.

The statement said that an unidentified person made a dubious post on WhatsApp groups on Tuesday stating that two COVID-19 positive persons have escaped from a quarantine facility in Lawngtlai town.

The rumour was widely circulated on various social media platforms which has led to panic and distress among the public.

Following the fake post, a complaint was lodged at Lawngltai police station by Lawngtlai district task force on COVID-19, the statement said.

The state police immediately proceeded with investigation and in the process verified that there was no such incident from the quarantine facility as claimed by the fake post, it said.

On further investigation, it was learned that the originator of the fake post was a 54-year-old man, who is a resident of Chawngtlaipui village in Lawngtlai district.

A criminal case was registered against the accused and was arrested on Wednesday, the police statement said.

The accused was remanded for judicial custody, it said.

Meanwhile, the state police have cautioned people against posting of unverified and unconfirmed rumours on social media which can create panic and fear among the general public.

They said that posting of rumour or fake news is a very serious offense and can invite legal action.

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