A total of 192 persons are in the quarantine facility at Rabongla where Sikkim’s first COVID-19 patient was staying
A total of 192 persons are in the quarantine facility at Rabongla where Sikkim’s first COVID-19 patient was staying|Representational image

Room where Sikkim COVID-19 patient was staying in Rabongla sealed

6 persons who came with Sikkim’s 1st COVID-19 patient to quarantine facility at Rabongla test negative; however, facility not yet declared containment zone

Pankaj Dhungel

Pankaj Dhungel

Gangtok: The room at the quarantine facility in JNV Rabongla, where Sikkim's first COVID-19 patient was staying, has been sealed, said officials.

Six persons who came with the patient to the facility, have had their testing conducted; their results have come out as negative as per Truenat at STNM Hospital. A total of 192 persons are in the quarantine facility, but so far it has not been declared as a containment zone with the South Sikkim district collector being awaited for a visit to the area.

The quarantine facility being managed by the South Sikkim district administration is now facing issues of catering with the COVID-19 patient being identified from the facility.

"Those in charge of catering were scared yesterday. Around 11 pm last night, we held a meeting on safety protocols and then gave the dinner to those in the facility. Rest of the situation so far seems calm right now," informed a district official at the quarantine facility.

On the alleged mismanagement of the quarantine facility following the COVID-19 patient being identified, a criticism made the rounds over social media in which a patient at the facility commented, "I am here in JNV ravangla, he was from our room, but the reality is, even after the person was send to gangtok, in the same particular bed with same blankets without sanitization was assigned to another person. We contacted management but no action has been taken, no sanitization no proper action, this is how much sikkim quarantine center is serious about life of people [sic]."

Countering the same, the district administration official at JNV Rabongla quarantine facility said: "It is completely wrong, we are all here till wee hours facilitating people with all sanitization being conducted. The room and the bed has been completely sealed. But people are scared and not cooperating. Those blankets and bed sheets have all been changed."

The district official also highlighted how the patients on board have not been very cooperating. He said they have been indulging in altercations with fellow patients and management staffs, not taking food that is being delivered by the catering staff. Vehicles too have refused ferrying essential commodities from Rabongla town to the quarantine facility. "There are a lot of problems, but we face criticism that district management is not doing much. The reality is different but what we have been doing is being criticized," the official said.

When the patient developed fever, the doctors and medical team worked on the same with CMO South here being incharge. "Being a secluded place, there is only district management office and the school in JNV, people are far away currently from the facility and there is no chaos as such so far from the surroundings," he said.

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