Altogether, 13 artistes from Manipur have lent their voices for the video music Credit: Facebook

Imphal: At a time when the whole world is shattered and shaken by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic, artistes from Manipur have come together to spread hope with a new music video titled, Yes We Care.

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The music video, initiated by the Tangkhul Music Forum, was composed by Nobert Khayi and music by William Leivon.

The song has been sung in multiple languages and dialects, including English, Hindi, Manipuri, Tangkhul, Hindi, Anal, Vaiphei, Paite and Nagamese, apart from using a sign language signifying the inclusivity, oneness and togetherness.

In total, 13 artistes from across the state lent their voices and renditioned the piece with one voice and mission to stand united and fight against the deadly virus.

“When everything seems to fail, music connects. The purpose is not to only connect people regardless of cast, creed or religion but also to fight the pandemic together, respecting reach other without prejudice,” said Nobert Khayi.

The song denotes that no matter how a pall of gloom casts in our lives by the pandemic, we (mankind) will emerge stronger and more resilient because we are unbreakable and unshakable.

All we need is a loving hand and find a better way somehow amid the pandemic, it says.

Only if you care for your loved ones, stay home and listen to the inner voice, and hear the call of love, the song echoes.

Here’s the complete lyrics:

When the nation need each other

Walking at the same direction

We need a loving hand

Find sometime to stay at home

Find some inner peace within

To heal the shattered state

To find a better way somehow

The sun will still shine

We need a hero to win this fight and say

We are unbreakable

We are unshakable

The sun will shine again

The rain will wash away

Yes we care, we are strong, we will live

Close the door and close your eyes

Whispers in the air in silence

Hear the call of love

Everybody’s looking out

We will find a way to stop

Only if you care.

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