Student enrolment in non-pvt schools in Assam rises during pandemic
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Kohima: Amid the nationwide lockdown, the state’s school education department is gearing up to fast-track the learning system post lockdown by re-framing the academic calendar so as to ensure that quality education is not compromised. The department is also currently assessing the availability of proper hand-washing facilities and sanitation, to ensure that the health of the students are also not comprised once the school re-opens for classes.

“After the lockdown is over, we have to come back strongly to education because we cannot afford the loss of this academic year. We will be implementing strict measures to make sure that the loss of classes is compensated while making sure that quality teaching is ensured,” said Shanavas C, principal director of school education.

Shanavas said that the teacher’s diary which requires the teachers concerned to record the progress of lessons being taught daily including the number of students who attended the classes, will be strictly monitored. He added saying that the department intends to build a software to monitor the teacher’s diary.

“This year, we have planned a lot to improve the teaching quality in Nagaland, which we are still working on it, but unfortunately in just two weeks after we launched the teacher’s diary, our schools had to close down,” said Shanavas. Although lockdown was imposed in Nagaland with effect from the midnight of March 22, the state government had ordered the closure of all educational institutions from March 17 onwards.

With nearly two months’ loss of classes, he said that the academic calendar will be reframed. He said that to compensate the loss, the summer and winter vacation holidays will be cut short and Saturdays will continue as a working day. He added that the department is also assessing if the schools have access to proper water and sanitation so as to ensure that hand-washing facilities are installed before the schools re-open for classes.

While the department had encouraged all schools to switch to online learning during the lockdown, he said that the non-accessibility of technological devices and services in most rural parts of the state has challenged the practicality of e-learning for the students. Therefore, it has directed all teachers to be in the place of posting and encouraged basic teacher-parent interaction through communicable devices and provide assignments for students to engage in effective home study.

Despite the lockdown, the department has also the released mid-day meals through which the parents are now availing the rice that are distributed under the scheme. The first quarter – April to June — has also been released to ensure that the students are availing the rice, he said.

In regard to the board examination, Shanavas expressed delight that the exams were completed before the lockdown and that the evaluation process is carried out in a decentralised manner. Saying that since the department is ensuring that the evaluations are not obstructed in any way, the results will be announced in May.

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