Taking the advantage of COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, drug peddlers and substance abusers are ‘frequently’ visiting Assam for purchase and consumption
Taking the advantage of COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, drug peddlers and substance abusers are ‘frequently’ visiting Assam for purchase and consumption|Representational image

After COVID-19, now drugs: Nagaland villages told to seal borders

Wokha district administration directs village councils to seal borders with Assam by invoking customary practices & laws over increased activities of drug peddlers

Medolenuo Ambrocia

Medolenuo Ambrocia

Kohima: In the wake of increased activities of drug peddlers across the porous Assam-Nagaland border at Wokha, the district administration has now directed the village councils to seal the borders by invoking the customary practices and laws of the lands against any illegal activities. This comes despite sealing off the borders by the state earlier this month in order to contain the outbreak of coronavirus.

Pointing out that drug users from the state were illegally entering Assam for purchase and consumption, all villages bordering Assam were directed to totally seal their areas and control such activities to contain the spread of the deadly virus.

A DIPR update said that taking the advantage of COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, drugs peddlers and substance abusers were "frequently” visiting Assam for purchase and consumption. Therefore the deputy commissioner and the Wokha District Task Force for COVID-19 informed all "Lotha villages bordering Assam to totally seal their areas and control such activities" to further curb illegal activities.

The DC further informed all the village council chairman's to "act according to their village customary laws and law of the lands" to strictly enforce and curb illegal activities in their own areas and that strict action be initiated against the violators.

This notification comes after the principal director of health and family welfare Dr Vizolie Z Suokhrie along with other officials visited the district, thereby completing the state-wide tour on assessing the state's preparedness and containment of COVID-19.

On the sidelines of a press conference on Tuesday, Suokhrie told a section of reporters that while the other districts have controlled the border sealing, it is challenging for the Wokha district administration due to the porous borders at the district. He also informed that the district administration and the department deliberated on this issue.

Meanwhile, advisor IT, Science & Technology, NRE, told EastMojo that the district administration has issued advisory to all the village councils to monitor the movement of drug users.

The legislator also said that Bhandari, which is situated at the Assam-Nagaland border, has arranged five quarantine facilities under Bhandari sub-division alone to accommodate persons requiring quarantine facilities. He added that due to a number of positive COVID-19 cases in Assam, the state government is taking extra precaution to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Few drug users who defied the lockdown rules and trespassed the border are also being quarantined at the state's quarantine facilities, he said.

Earlier, Kikon tweeted that a school in Bhandari has also opened its entire facility to be used as quarantine centre for COVID-19. When contacted, the principal of the school said that since the school is located away from the town, the authority has permitted the administration to use the school's facilities as a quarantine centre, replacing the classroom with hospital beds.

The principal added that once the order on closure of schools is lifted and the situation returns to normalcy, the school will become operational for education. The private school which has an enrollment of over 950 students will also be used as a quarantine facility for the state.

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