No cases of coronavirus have been reported in Meghalaya, said Meghalaya chief minister Conrad K Sangma
No cases of coronavirus have been reported in Meghalaya, said Meghalaya chief minister Conrad K Sangma|EastMojo image

Observe March 21 as Coronavirus Awareness Day: Meghalaya CM Sangma

Meghalaya CM Conrad K Sangma urges citizens not to panic and call 108 helpline number to inform them of any travel history in last 14 days amid COVID-19 threat

Princess Giri Rashir

Princess Giri Rashir

Shillong: Meghalaya chief minister Conrad K Sangma on Friday addressed the citizens of the state to create awareness on COVID-19. He urged the citizens to call 108 helpline number and inform them of any travel history and adhere to all guidelines and advisories issued by the government.

In his address, Sangma announced that there has not been a single case detected in the state, which does not allow the people to be complacent.

“Therefore, the next four weeks are crucial for our state to break the transmission chain of the virus. I appeal to every citizen of the state to adhere to all the guidelines and advisories issued by the state government. I kindly urge everyone to postpone all personal, professional and social activities during this crucial time,” added Sangma.

Sangma stressed upon the need to cooperate and not look at market places, public transport being closed as a lockdown.

“The 21st March, 2020 is to be observed as Coronavirus Awareness Day (CAD) where all offices, banks (government and private), institutions, public places, market places and public transport will remain closed. I urge citizens to not look at this as a 'lockdown' but this time must be utilised and observed as a ‘Coronavirus Awareness Day’ to understand and prevent the spread of coronavirus disease in the state by playing our part as individuals, families, locality and society at large,” said Sangma.

He also urged citizens to report any travel history in the last 14 days, like students, working professionals private and government, both to use any of the three ways to inform the government by calling 108 Helpline number, by registering on the online registration system ( and by calling respective DC office’s control room.

“I would also urge them to kindly maintain social distancing, including self-quarantine, and maintain personal hygiene like handwash protocol. We also urge the headmen to take proactive steps to identify and inform about the same. The Medical Volunteers and District Surveillance Team members will reach out to those identified households through phone or make visits if necessary to provide necessary guidance and care to those families for next 14 days. I would also like to inform you that the government is taking all necessary steps to maintain essential commodities and I appeal to every citizen to not panic and try to remain calm and also let us not stigmatise any person suspected of coronavirus,” said Sangma.

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