The Drama School Mumbai’s performing arts e-learning platform Ekalavya aspires to identify and amplify new voices that can add to the narrative of our nation.

The e-learning platform is designed to enable thousands of aspiring actors, theatre-makers, and storytellers across the country to make their creative dreams a reality. 

“Art and Culture is an essential part of nation-building, it grows us, in our minds, hearts and souls. Theatre is especially powerful for this growth, as individuals, as society, as a nation. By learning drama, we build skills of confidence, collaboration, and communication, we gain qualities of empathy, compassion, and self-expression. We learn to work better with each other. Participating in drama is important for this mission,” says Jehan Manekshaw, Head of Drama School Mumbai, and co-founder Ekalavya.

“With Ekalavya, we will give lakhs of Indians access to this transformative experience, to be better human beings, working together, to build a better society. It will also make you a better actor,” Manekshaw adds.

In his seven years of training at the Drama School Mumbai, Manekshaw said he found that the main hurdle was access to quality training; the idea of coming to Mumbai and the cost of it all. This platform, in a way, has solved the problem of this lacuna in access to such training, embracing the digital medium.

The platform, launched in March 2021, aims to transcend these obstacles, and give individuals who seek such opportunities a space to learn, hone their natural talent, and boost their self-confidence, while learning how to act, and setting the stage for a career in the film and theatre industry. 

“I have been following Drama School Mumbai’s work for many years now, including participating in multiple workshops which made a huge difference in my own growth when I was training as an actor. The DSM team has always provided great learning with faculty having such rich experience,” opines Swara Bhaskar, an actor widely appreciated for her expertise in the art.

“It’s wonderful that they are now bringing that level of care and attention to Ekalavya, so that 1,000s of aspiring actors who cannot come to Mumbai can now get a chance to experience this invaluable training first hand in an affordable manner online,” she says, appreciating DSM’s initiative.

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As online education goes mainstream, reputed Drama School Mumbai has embraced this medium and designed never before imagined online training modules in acting. These courses don’t just impart knowledge, but also require active participation, performing tasks to camera, with a strong focus on learning-by-doing. 

The online school of drama is a digital on demand programme, designed as a package of online courses for the fundamental understanding of theatre and dramatic arts. It is driven by the same spirit of excellence and mastery of the art that the Drama School Mumbai (DSM) has been trying to cultivate over the last seven years.

“What’s comforting about Ekalavya is that you can be in the comfort of your own house and still acquire skills that you need in order to be a great artist,” said Richa Chaddha, Theatre & Film Actor, Forbes 30 under 30, about the online programme, handcrafted by some of the best minds in the industry.

Ekalavya brings highly experienced facilitators, composed of top DSM faculties, industry and celebrity experts who have trained extensively through formal institutions across the globe. These facilitators have evolved teaching methodologies that make learning at Ekalavya highly relevant and applicable.

Ekalavya is created by core team members from DSM’s highly experienced faculty; theatre actors, directors and teachers, many of whom are national award winners.

Since 2008, DSM faculty have created courses that boosted the careers of actors like Ranveer Singh, Kalki Kochlien, Richa Chaddha, Swara Bhaskar, Kunal Kapoor, Gulshan Devaiah, Vicky Kaushal, among others.

Since 2013, the formal full-time courses at DSM have forged alumni like Roshan Mathew of Choked fame, Adarsh Gaurav of White Tiger, Srishti Srivastava of Gulabo Sitabo and Gully Boy, among others, in film, TV, OTT and theater.

The Ekalavya Online School of Drama offers preparatory courses in Character Study, Monologue, Expressive Voice, Expressive Body, Script Analysis, Storytelling, Acting for Camera, the Art of Auditioning, among others. In essence, it forms the fundamental textbook for theatre and acting. 

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  1. Such a great initiative, highly commendable as 2021 has seen a lot of growth and changes in the education sector. Indeed every education field should opt e-learning platforms and excel themselves among others.

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