Many brands have a difficult time finding the best influencers for their campaign, and too many of them make common mistakes. This post is here to help you learn from the mistakes of others and to make your influencer marketing campaigns more effective by not repeating the mistakes while selecting the influencers.

To make your influencer marketing campaign more effective, you need to start with choosing the right influencers. But, to choose the right influencers, you need to know what makes a great influencer and how to find them.

To make the process easier, I have researched this topic and identified 5 mistakes brands make when looking for influencers for their marketing campaigns.

1. Measuring followers, not analysing

One of the biggest mistakes brands make while searching for influencers is that they look only at the number of followers a user has.

Avoid measuring only followers, you should analyse the influencer’s activity, engagement and see the quality of their communication with their audience, not just look at how many people are following them.

2. Selecting wrong Influencers

This is one of the major problems that brands have, many of them just check the stats and select them.

To find out if an influencer will be a suitable match for you, you should check whether they are the right fit in your category.

3. Couldn’t find fake followers/likes

Another biggest mistake is that brands assume that if they know the number of followers/likes an individual has, they can easily assess if they are fake.

They assume that if someone has a lot of followers/likes, then they are real. But it is not always true that the followers/likes are not fake. There are so many ways to get fake followers/likes on Instagram such as bots, selling followers/likes panels, etc and not all of them involve hacking anyone’s Instagram account.

4. Good number of followers/likes but poor engagement rate

The number of followers/likes is not always important, engagement rate is also important.

When you find an influencer with a good number of followers/likes but a poor engagement rate, it means that people are just following them without reading their content. So it means they are not interested in what the influencer communicates with them.

5. Stay Ahead of the competition

You always need to stand out among the others. When creating a successful campaign, you must stand out with unique, interesting and value-added content. You must be unique and follow the trend to stay out of the box and execute successful marketing campaigns.

Always create your uniqueness in your photos or videos so that they differ from others in the market.


Although choosing an influencer is a tough job, but that’s what you have to do to be unique and effective. So, always remember these 5 mistakes and stay away from them while choosing the influencers. These are the biggest mistakes that most brands make when finding influencers. You can avoid these to be more effective in executing your marketing campaigns.

The writer is a Columnist, PR Strategist, Digital Branding and Reputation Consultant. He loves to pen down about start-ups, innovations and digital media.

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