Why Guwahati's Colossal Corporation wants to build a 'time machine' through music
Guwahati-based rock band Colossal Corporation

Guwahati: Have you ever contemplated how music holds an immense ability to transcend time and space, and gives you a safe kind of high-the kind that Jimi Hendrix talked about?

From humming a popular number during a shower to playing loud music at a house party, the myriad of possibilities that music brings about is quite an enigma. It wouldn’t be wrong to proclaim that it just takes seven notes to create magic that is impalpable yet felt by every atom in our body.

It is that similar kind of magic that has been serving as the raison d’être for Colossal Corporation, the band that desires to create a time machine and take the world back to the 80s through their music.

Formed in 2012 by Sarfaraj Hussain, Subhrajyoti Das, and Farhad Hussain, Colossal Corporation is a rock band hailing from Guwahati. The band, in its early stage, identified itself as an acoustic cover band, and gradually, was joined by other members with the current force consisting of Farhad Hussain (Lead Vocals), Subhrajyoti Das (Lead Guitars), Sarfaraj Hussain (Guitars and Backing Vocals), Sajid Ahmed (Drums) and Prasenjit Roy (Bass).

In the initial years, Colossal Corporation played numbers belonging to genres like hard rock, soft rock, glam rock, and glam metal. Later on, their musical journey witnessed their horizon being broadened as they started experimenting with fused funk, progressive, and bluegrass. This urge to experiment materialized into the amalgamation of rock and bluegrass, and this is how their first release, which they like to be an attempt at rockgrass, “The Adventure of Mike O Bryan” took place.

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When asked about the rhythmic odyssey that they’ve been part of for more than a decade, now, the band talked about the roller-coaster ride and the memories that are etched in the pages of the band’s diary of experiences. 

Drawing inspiration from rock giants like Journey, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, and Van Halen and going all the way seeking the power to create an ethereal piece through songs of Bryan Adams, Mr Big, Extreme, and many more legends from the yesteryears, Colossal Corporation has been striving to keep the magic of rock music alive through their creations, the recent one being “Motorland.”

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The band’s melodious tapestry has always been woven with the collective preferences and choices of the band members, which has resulted in them crafting a melange of emotions in their songs. This is quite lucidly delineated through their discography which comprises seven originals, each with a unique disposition, but a common idea- the desire to take every listener back to the days when perm took centre stage- the glorious decade of the 80s.

Over the years, Colossal Corporation has performed in numerous shows and garnered quite a few accolades to their name, including the lead vocalist’s achievement of the 2nd Runners Up award in the MTV Karaoke Competition (2013). Adding to that, receiving critical acclaim from one of their idols, Eric Martin is what they perceive as nothing less than an honour.

The band wants to focus on making music videos and singles with the introduction of quirky ideas and sub-genres as toppings. Their vision lies in passing the baton of keeping hard rock on the charts and invoking the feeling of nostalgia among old listeners.

To the band, music is a language that speaks straight to the soul and not a mere collection of melodies and rhythms. Like every being who reveres music’s ability to evoke emotions, inspire, and heal, Colossal Corporation too claims themselves to have been engulfed by its divine power, which has driven them to create music to bring people together and exude what lies in the very core of the band’s existence. In every step of their journey, they have regarded music as a universal form of expression that transcends boundaries and connects people from different cultures and backgrounds. 

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They have also been found to associate music with memories which stands as the impetus for the band’s desire to take everyone on a journey to the past, which they won’t stop believing in as long as the heart of Colossal Corporation keeps on beating.

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