Guwahati: The Australian Government IP conferred the prestigious Grant Certificate for Australian Innovation Patent: 2021105490 “Eco friendly river training system for fluvial inland water bodies” to Dr Nayan Sharma, former professor of IIT Roorkee as the Inventor of the pioneering low cost eco-friendly technology.

Dr Sharma, son of Late Professor Parameswar Sarma, is an engineer of Assamese origin who hails from Guwahati. The above recognition has been accorded to him for the low cost technology configured by him after years of toil in the lab of IIT Roorkee as well as in  prototype R&D had been beneficially implemented in a stretch of the Ganga River for IWAI.

Its earlier versions were successfully implemented in some tributaries of Brahmaputra basin in past few decades for protection of tea gardens from river erosion. The Assamese engineer’s innovative technology is based on the principle of harnessing intrinsic hydraulic Stream Energy for transforming the hostile erosive vortex flows into desired constructive action by using native  eco-friendly approach. 

If skillfully configured with experienced hand, this cost-efficient technology has very good  prospects to gainfully replace the conservative high costs river training methods of spurs,  geo-bags, porcupines, boulder revetments, recurrent dredging etc.

Such a paradigm policy  shift in strategically tackling chronic Flood-Erosion problems in our river systems will make it  much more affordable at lesser budget to achieve urgently essential channel flood  conveyance improvement, bank erosion control, and low-cost sustainable inland navigation  for bulk cargo transportation on durable basis.

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