Guwahati: In a recent viral video, two journalists from Guwahati were seen arguing over the coverage of an incident in the Jalukbari area.

The journalists in the video were from satellite channel ‘Assam Talks’ and the online portal ‘Pratah Time‘.

The video shows the two journos pointing fingers at each other and accusing each other of erratic and inappropriate behaviour.

‘Pratah Time’ journalist, Elias Hussain, is seen pointing at the ‘Assam Talks’ journalist, Taufiq Uddin Ahmed’s shorts and questioning his antics when Ahmed is seen trying to snatch the mic out of Hussain’s hands. But they both remain in the fight and continue to engage in the war of words.

The journos are then seen questioning each other’s legitimacy and asking for ID’s and licenses, then accuse each other of taking bribes and obstructing justice. They both even allege that the other has threatened to kill them.

Following the fiasco, Pratah Time and Elias Hussain himself issued a clarification on the incident which can be seen below:

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