Guwahati: Why are streetlights switched on 24x7?
Roughly 100-150 streetlights remained lit in broad daylight on a Monday afternoon. (Photo credit: Rishi Goswami)

Guwahati: Over the last 2-3 days, the streets of Guwahati have been illuminated with streetlights even during daylight hours. While the necessity of proper street lighting for safety purposes is unquestionable, the blatant and continuous oversight by the city’s administrative authorities needs to be brought to attention.

Photos submitted by concerned individuals reveal that roughly 100-150 streetlights remained lit in broad daylight on Monday afternoon. Some spiral lights were also seen lit, which may hinder safe driving. This oversight is occurring as electricity tariffs in Assam continue to climb and in various parts of the city, extended power outages occur so frequently that residents have almost normalised extended power disruptions.

Guwahati’s streetlights being left on points towards an utter wastage of valuable electricity resources due to what appears to be a lack of vigilance on the part of those responsible.

When authorities were approached for an explanation, they appeared to engage in a blame-shifting exercise, refusing to take any responsibility for the ongoing issue. This has raised questions about who should be held accountable for this misuse of taxpayers’ money.

Rishi Goswami, a concerned resident of Guwahati, voiced his concerns by asking the Assam Power Distribution Company Limited (APDCL), “Who will bear the financial burden resulting from this negligence? Why should I, as a taxpayer, be held accountable for these wasteful expenses?”

These concerns raise questions about whether the government has lost sight of its responsibilities during the festive season, allowing the city to squander valuable resources and hard-earned taxpayer funds due to a lack of attention.

Guwahati resident Agnijeet, who commutes around the city daily, said, “This is not the first time. I’ve often seen the city’s streetlights switched on during the day.”

Photo source: Agnijeet G

When EastMojo reached out to APDCL for an explanation, they pointed the finger at another agency, directing the inquiry to a different contact number.

When EastMojo contacted the number provided by an APDCL employee, the Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) control room answered the call and promptly shifted the blame to the Public Works Department (PWD), disavowing any involvement.

This bewildering cycle of responsibility avoidance leaves citizens wondering who should be held responsible for this ongoing issue.

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As the situation continues to unfold, the people of Guwahati are left with unanswered questions about the misuse of public funds and resources, underscoring the need for accountability and efficient governance.

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