Rabha people celebrate traditional 'Langamara Puja' festival in Boko 
Langamara Puja Festival in Boko

Boko: With great enthusiasm, people of the Rabha community celebrated their traditional ‘Langmara Puja‘ on Saturday at Roumari village in Assam’s Boko.

The festival is observed following ancient rituals, including animal sacrifices and offerings of rice beer, during the auspicious occasion.

Notably, the Rabha people are known for their unique worship practices. They worship different kinds of stones, rocks, hills, rivers, and deities. During the Langamara Puja, the devotees were seen offering chicken heads, rice, incense, clay candles, and homemade rice beer to the sacred rocks as part of the rituals.

During the Langamara Puja, Rabhas worship rocks by offering chicken heads after sacrificing, rice, incense, clay candles and rice beer. 

Sadhu Charan Rabha, a villager, said, “The deities worshipped during the Langamara Puja are Ombha Burha, Kamakhya, Khukshi, and Gorkho Gohain. Naren Rabha and Sarbeswar Rabha serve as the main priests for the puja. The villagers meticulously clean their households and then gather at the place of worship. They offer rice beer and a pair of chickens, ducks, or a goat as part of their prayers.”

A Rabha priest preparing traditional rice beer during the traditional ‘Langamara Puja’ festival at Roumari village in Boko. Photo: Kulendu Kalita. 

Hundreds of villagers belonging to the Rabha community took part in the celebration. Several villages in the Boko area, such as Hahim, Mousua, Dekapara, Sukuniapara, and Gamerimura, joined in the festivities.

Raju Rabha, president of the village, said, “As per the instructions by the All Rabha National Council, Rabha people should celebrate the puja on the first Saturday of the Assamese ‘Jeth’ month.”

Devotees seeking blessings during the traditional ‘Langamara Puja’ festival at Roumari village. Photo: Kulendu Kalita.

He said, “The main objective of the puja revolves around the welfare and development of the community. Through this worship, we aim to protect our nearby forest areas, a practice passed down by our ancestors.”

Kamburam Rabha, Vice-president of the Kamrup Zila Parishad said, “The Langamara Puja is an important celebration held amidst the jungle or by the river bank. It serves as a means to welcome happiness and ward off evil influences. This spiritually infused puja, primarily celebrated by Pati Rabhas, holds a special place among our festive traditions. It is conducted either in the forest or near the rivulet, aiming to ensure abundant crops and safeguard humans and animals from malevolent forces.”

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It is to be mentioned that Rabha tribes celebrate many festivals and pujas, which include Baikho, Farkhanthi festival, Hamjar, Dinga Puja, Marei Puja, Dodan Mela and many others.

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